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September 2018 Minutes

LDNA 9/24/18




Carolyn Alphen

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:03.


Opening greeting


Approval of minutes

Approval of June minutes; Motion made and 2nd from floor; approved.


Police Report

Capt. Barry Golner – A Sector Commander

  • 5 Agg assaults; all resulted in arrests or court summons for perpetrator.
  • 4 car breaks; all involved unlocked vehicles – LOCK YOUR CARS!
  • 8 Disorderlies – many involved fights involving LHS students.


  • Issue of homeless sleeping in doorways seems to be increasing.
    • LPD works with shelter, hospital, etc. to try to direct people to services.
    • New Mental Health Court as well as special drug court has been created to help.
  • Crime is way down, but calls for service is way up. Mostly “social” issues that police are called on as the only available 24/7 agency.
    • Cuts to social service agencies need to be reversed so services are available.
  • Should we be worried about shooting right on Merrimack Street in early evening?
    • It was an isolated incident. The two parties new each other and had a dispute.  Suspect surrendered to police within 24hrs.
  • Is organized crime a problem in the city?
    • Not like it used to be. Mainly involves various ethnic groups, e.g., gambling rings, etc.


Treasurer’s Report

$775.00 balance, according to interim treasurer Carolyn.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Special Guest:  Lowell Police Superintendent Raymond “Kelly” Richardson

The Superintendent introduced himself and spoke briefly during the earlier police presentation.


Special Guest:  Claire Ricker of Lowell DPD

  • Chief design planner and senior planner for Hamilton canal district master plan area
  • 13 acre site.
  • Winn Companies has a signed agreement to develop parcels 8 &9.
    • Rental “workforce” Housing (20/80/20 income mix)
    • Air bridge between 2 buildings will have additional housing units.
    • MEPA process dictates environmental standards
  • Justice Center with 7 courts and registry of deeds will open in January 2020.
  • New parking garage has some innovative and exciting exterior design features.
    • 930 parking spaces
    • It will have electric charging stations and bike storage.
    • Pedestrian access to adjacent canal is anticipated.
    • Construction will begin in spring of 2019.
  • City website has a tab with links to info on all construction projects.
  • Lord Overpass is at 100% design. 3 year construction with opening in 2022.
    • Construction will overlap with Central Street bridge project for about 1yr.


  • Natasha is new transportation engineer.
  • Toby Marks is new parking director.



  • LDNA logo is on storage container at Kerouac Park following donation.
  • Future guests?
    • Bring in another update on bridge closings as it gets closer to the time.
    • Fire Dept.
    • New business owners. Maybe get update on Market St. Hotel.
    • Ask for representative from license commission to com speak to us.
    • Steve Stowell form Historic Commission.


Meeting Adjourns at 8:28.

June 2018 Minutes

LDNA 6/25/18




Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:03.


Opening greeting


Approval of minutes

Approval of March and April minutes; Motion by Carolyn, 2nd by Jack.


Police Report

Sgt. Jose Ramirez – A Sector patrol supervisor on early night shift

  • Agg assault on 30 Middlesx St: knife incident arrest made.
  • Agg assault on Central St – arrests made.
  • Other Burglaries and robberies still under investigation.


  • Situation at TD Bank is worst in memory.
    • Extra officer is on foot patrol in area.
  • Need to update email links on website.
  • Not much interest when people come to front desk to report issues
    • Better to go directly to criminal investigation division or other units.
    • LDNA board can forward comments to Sgt Ramirez directly.
  • Does LPD have jurisdiction between new Courthouse and walking path. More incidents of drinking near Jackson St end near bridge.
    • Yes, shared with LNHP. Will look into it.


Treasurer’s Report

$775.00 balance, according to interim treasurer Carolyn.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Special Guest:  City Manager Eileen Donoghue

  • Honored to be here; one of the best cities in the country. Over 20 years representing the city, but Manager job is a new perspective.
  • New budget: Met with all Dept. heads, made $1M in cuts from preliminary draft.
  • Public hearing on choosing new Police Chief. Residents’ comments are welcome.
  • In process of implementing new cannabis laws. Takes effect July 1st.  Possible dispensary locations are all on outskirts of city; none are downtown.  Required to have minimum of 5 licensees (based on qty of package store licenses.)
  • Talked to Chief Taylor and acting chief Webb and Deputy Richardson about increased police visibility downtown.
  • Also working with Planning dept. and DPW about improving conditions downtown. Flowers are back – makes a real difference downtown.  Kids summer jobs will water the flowers.
  • If police or other departments aren’t responsive then call manager’s office directly.


  • When is construction allowed?
    • 7am – 6pm, except by special permit.
  • Why is the parking garages being made to pay for themselves when trash is subsidized and yet downtown residents don’t benefit at all.
    • Good point. Trash & recycling contracts expire in Dec.
    • Recycling is no longer free for the city; and city-wide recycling participation isn’t great.
  • Condo associations were locked into buying spaces and have no recourse when rates rise.
    • That was an arm-length agreement that was entered into by both parties long ago.
  • What can be done to improve Downton lighting (e.g. brightness)
    • Working on it with planning & development.
  • Can we repair broken benches and steps by the train locomotive? Also crumbling plaza and dead trees in front of Roy Garage?
    • Will look into it. Also repairs needed to area on Prescott Street.
  • Adopt an island program needs to be flowed-up on. Many areas not being maintained.
    • Need to review entire program.
  • Vacuum truck makes a big difference. Kudos!


Special Guest:  JoAnn Marcos of the LNHP

  • 32nd year; Folk Fest is last full weekend of July.
  • In charge of volunteers; volunteers are needed!
    • Volunteers are absolutely essential. Only need to commit 4hrs.
    • Many types of volunteers; donation bucket brigade, ice & water delivery; t-shirt sales, recycling, inside and outside jobs.
  • All food vendors are 401c3 organizations raising money for good causes.
    • All the food vendor workers are volunteers.
  • Roads will be blocked again this year.
  • Last year for Dutton Dance Stage location; new location TBD. Maybe by Tsongas.  Suggestions?
  • Park has some summer kids workers who can do cleanups. Tell JoAnn if a park area needs cleaning up.


  • Pavement between Dutton st pavilion and canal place is all broken up and won’t accommodate golf cart traffic.
    • Will look into it
  • Will Roy Garage we accessible?
  • Do you know how many people come to the fest by train?
    • Don’t know
  • Does park own Northern Canal Walkway?
    • It’s open now. But it needs to be closed depending on flow for safety.
    • It will be closed once work starts on the bridge.



  • Upcoming meeting 7/18 at 6:30 at LTC on charter review and elections issues.
  • LDNA to donate $100 to Kerouac park renovation effort. Motion made and 2nd.
  • No July meeting; Next meeting in August.


Meeting Adjourns at 8:27.

April 2018 Minutes

LDNA 4/23/18




Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Stephen Greene

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:01.


Opening greeting



Approval of minutes

Approval of January and February minutes; Motion by Carolyn, 2nd by Sam.



Police Report

Capt Crowley – Sector ‘A’ Commander.


  • Shooting on Merrimack St involved parties who knew each other.
  • Big uptick in vandalism all over the city including downtown
    • Lee St and Merrimack street numerous broken windows.
    • Various damaged vehicles
  • Aggravated assaults
    • 2 Domestic incident
    • Fight between women involving nail file
  • Burglaries
    • 1 domestic issue
    • 1 incident at courthouse
  • Disorderly incidents
    • Mostly involving bar closings
  • Shoplifting
    • Cosmetic supplies at Rite-Aid
  • Car break-ins
    • Unlocked doors
    • Rolled-down windows
    • Purse left on seat in plain view – window smashed.


LPD received grant to boost staffing during problem times.




Treasurer’s Report

$755.29 balance.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Special Guest:  James Saunders of Lowell Makes

  • Open house every Wednesday 6-9pm
    • “Repair night” once a month for small 1-time projects.
  • Wood shop, electronics, photography, 3d printers, machine shop, fabric crafts, many more things
    • Volunteer organization – can arrange for training with tools.
  • 18+ agree for membership
    • Membership is $49/mo, $35/mo for students.
    • $15 day pass available.
  • Classes and workshops available
  • May 19th Skill Share event (10:00am – 4:00pm)
    • Series of 1hr workshops throughout the day on all sorts of topics
  • 4yrs at current location on Merrimack Street.




Special Guest:  Richard Howe of “Lowell Walks”


  • 4th year of Lowell Walks series
  • Most walks on Saturday morning at 10:00am
    • Most walks last about 90min.
    • Great to come and stay for lunch downtown after the walk.
  • Additional walking events scheduled in collaboration with LNHP


Richard proceeded to describe the walks scheduled for this season.




  • Update on parking
    • Meeting rescheduled
    • Lawyers opposed parking increase.
  • No LDNA meeting in May 2018
  • Point of Light event kicking off Art Week in Lowell
  • Doors Open Lowell coming up
  • New England Pet Expo.
  • New restaurant “The Keep” opening where Ricardo’s was.
    • Tutu Benne closed.
    • Thrift stores moved out of downtown
  • Proposal: Fine vacant storefronts to encourage occupancy and discourage allowing them to become blighted.
    • Mayor Samaras responds that the City is looking at options and various city councilors have motions on related matters pending.
    • Fines should be re-invested in improving downtown storefronts
    • LDNA will follow up in a future meeting.
  • Restaurants with sidewalk seating take up too much of the sidewalk and prevent pedestrian access.
    • City agents are now inspecting every week.
    • Perhaps the sidewalks should be marked as to where the seating is allowed to be.
  • LDNA/ HOA committee introduction
    • Private alleyways need to be maintained and trash removed.
  • Missing trash barrel by Pawtucket Canal at Prescott Street side walkway.
  • Locate recycling bins in garages along with trash bins.
  • Has Hamilton canal construction effected condo process/sales at canal place?
    • Not too bad so far. We know of one sale hat fell through because of planned garage.
    • Worried once garage goes up and blocks light.



Meeting Adjourns at 8:16.

March 2018 Minutes

LDNA 3/26/18




Jack Moynihan

Stephen Greene

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:00.


Opening greeting


Approval of minutes

Approval of January and February minutes; Motion by Stephen, 2nd by Sam.


Treasurer’s Report

Approximately $775.25 balance.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Police Report

Capt Crowley – Sector ‘A’ Commander.

               2 aggravated assaults related to Club 74.

1 assault related to a tow driver dispute.

Burglary related to someone moving into their apartment; truck left unattended.

Burglary of digital x-ray machine from professional building.  ($7k)

Shoplifting (of skin cream) from drug store

Various vandalism (smashed windows, and damaged car at John St. Garage)


Staffing grant money now available for extra downtown patrols during good weather.


Q:  What to do about needles?  A:  Call non-emergency number and Trinity will pick them up.  If not gone within an hour or so, call again.


Q:  How can we focus better on cracking down on over-serving?  A:  LPD works with investigation section and ABCC investigators.


Q: What about drunk driving?  Thorndike DUI checkpoint is no longer available.  A:  Encourage increased use of ride-sharing – working on a way to make this more convenient for patrons.



Special Guest:  Yovani Baez-Rose and Christine McCall, Lowell Department of Planning & Development

  • In the process of doing open space plan
    • 5 year plan
    • Pre-requisite for state funding of projects
    • Public comments available on City Website; also online survey available with translations in Spanish and Kamai
    • Public meeting on 4/17 at Senior Center.
  • What’s missing in downtown?
    • Non-vehicular access to other parts of the city.
      • In particular access to Western Ave Studios, Bruce Freeman Trail.
    • Picnic / BBQ areas with tables
    • Deteriorating benches in many parks
    • Spruce up existing parks (e.g. small park in front of Leo Roy Garage.)
    • Active features such as life-size chess/checkers set or “walking labyrinth”
      • But security issues have to be a major consideration in design
    • Improvement to south common such as artificial turf.
    • Close streets to vehicular traffic for a Sunday (Maybe each Sunday in a different neighborhood) to encourage pedestrian activity.
    • Need more bike racks all over.
    • More concerts/events in brick courtyard by LNHP visitor center.
    • Green walls to improve e.g. parking garage walls.
  • What about in other areas of the city?
    • Better utilization of Vandenburg esplanade
      • Including improvement to sidewalk access to downtown
    • Improved dog-parks
    • Water access (e.g. for kayaks) downstream of the falls.
  • What do you leave Lowell to do that we could bring here?
    • Cross-country ski trails
    • Activities for small children
    • Climbing structure that doubles as public art.
  • What’s going on with trees?
    • Many are in bad shape. Survey of the situation will take place in spring.
  • No need to put down quite so much rock salt; it only serves to wreck pavement and plants
  • Open house meeting at LNHP Headquarters on 4/4 at 6:30pm.



Special Guest:  Nick Navin, City Parking Director

  • City Council Public Hearing on new parking rates on 4/3 at 7:00pm.
  • No rate hike in ~14 years.
  • Initial proposal for rate hike was deemed to aggressive; new proposal is more modest as simply an adjustment to account for inflation over the past 14 years. (36%)
  • On-street parking rate increases from $1/hr to $1.50/hr


Q:  What about a validation to help businesses?  A:  Willing to look at it?

Q: What about extending meter hours past 6pm?  A:  I’m in favor, but there’s not widespread support.  Also demand-based parking rates and progressive pricing.

Q:  Isn’t it outrageous that parking spot reservation on public streets outside of downtown is only $10/yr?  A:  Yes.

Q:  What about more electric vehicle charging stations?  A:  Councilor Cirillo says a motion is in the works to look at expanding access.  Nick points out huge backlog of maintenance and notes that as funds become available more chargers will be installed.


Meeting Adjourns at 8:31.

June 2017 Minutes

LDNA – 06/26/17

Present – Carolyn Alphen, Corey Sciuto

Meeting starts – 7:05


Carolyn, motion to accept minutes. Corey seconds


Treasurer’s Report – $638.29


LPD Report – Quiet and typical month downtown and citywide, except the Vibe (former El Rincon), where there was a quadruple stabbing. Everyone survived, but someone was badly injured. All mutual combatants; none cooperative with police.  License Commission will look into it.


Folk Festival – Henry Marchand, Tobi Marx, Cultural Affairs and Special Events. 31st Annual. Standard street closures and stages, etc. Downtown streets will close at 3 PM on Friday to help accommodate hard barriers.

Ted Lavash wonders if more attractions could be on the Shattuck/Palmer stretch of Middle Street to bring more people down by Ayer Lofts, etc (obviously this involves Enterprise Bank and the amplified music at St. Anne’s)

Tobi points out that increased Federal funding scrutiny has put a lot of limitations on any expansions to the festival that aren’t directly related to its mission.

Discussion around better ADA accessibility. Henri will look into it.


Fall Events – Tobi Marx

Millyard space near Appleton Mill is close to ready to be available. Made in Lowell will be piloting with food trucks. Many festivals beginning in September. Some examples at http://tlfwf.org/events, http://lowellkinetic.com/, and http://www.cultureiscool.org/lamf-overview

<<Discussion about parking access downtown>>

<<Discussion about retail and entertainment downtown>>


General Announcements

 First floor of the Roy Garage is closed.

No July Meeting!


Meeting adjourns – 8:38

May 2017 Minutes

LDNA 05/22/17




Jack Moynihan

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto


Meeting Start 7:01


Jack makes motion to accept May’s minutes

Corey seconds, approved


Treasurer’s report

Stephen says we have $570.29


Police Report

Sgt. Prescott

Crime reports are quite low right now

CrimeMapping.com stopped working in March


Sean Thibodeau, Pollard Memorial Library

Museum passes and events available at http://www.pollardml.org/

Library also offers book clubs

eBooks – http://www.pollardml.org/research/electronic-resources

Blog and newsletter: http://blog.pollardml.org/


Open Floor

Kathleen Marcin suggests we hold a social event

Suggest someone from DPD speaks soon

Kathleen asks Nick Navin (Parking Director) when we should expect to see the Hamilton Canal surface parking lots. Nick says this summer.

Stephen Greene asks if the Roy Garage has more spaces with tighter spots now. Nick says no; if anything, it’s gone from 1,030 -> 997 due to the removal of some compact spaces.


Parking utilization:

Garage Market Rate* Pass Cards Downtown Resident Pass Cards Total Pass cards
Joe Downes, John St, 1,100 spaces 520 575 1,095
Leo Roy, Market St, 1,000 spaces 515 575 1,090
Ayotte, Post Office Sq., 1,250 spaces 1,250 115 1,365
Lower Locks, Warren St, 900 spaces 370 55 425
Early Garage, Middlesex St, 950 spaces 570 330 900


Corey asked if we could get a recycle bin in the garage. Nick said he’s working on it.



8:10 PM





April 2017 Minutes

LDNA 04/24/17 


Jack Moynihan

Carolyn Alphen

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto

Meeting Starts 07:05


Treasurer’s Report 



Police Report

Sgt. Prescott

Aggravated assaults are domestic, as is typical.


Assistant City Manager, Mike McGovern

Lowell High School:

Currently working on feasibility studies, since August. City needed to find 16 acres, including six acres of parking. There are four remaining options: Full Renovation, Addition/Renovation 1 & 2, New site @ Cawley

New presentation on findings to the City Council on June 6, Special meeting on June 8; aiming for a forum on June 10.

Timetable: 6 years full renovation. 3 years, new school. 4, ~4.5 yrs for the renovation/builds.

Tax increases are estimated to be ≈ 7%.


General Information / Announcements

Continued work on garage spaces


Meeting Adjourned 

8:25 PM


Meeting Notes – March 27, 2017


Opening greeting

Carolyn introduce herself to begin the meeting and introduced the Board members Jack and Stephen.  Cory was delayed

Approval of minutes

Minutes from the February meeting were motioned, seconded and approved as posted on the website

Treasurer’s Report

The current LDNA balance at Enterprise is $519.29.   New membership donations of $70 were received and will be deposited.

Police Report

Officer presented a concise report for the area including the regular Compstat statistics and map for the period 2/27 to 3/26/2017.  Overall the numbers are down from the previous month’s report.  There were fewer car breaks.  Two of the aggravated assaults involved the police in the line of duty.  Disorderly conduct typically was bar patron related.

Teddy Panos, owner of Athenian Corner, plan to build a boutique-style hotel in Downtown Lowell. Presentation by Attorney George Theodorou.

Attorney George Theodorou  (Market St, Lowell) presented the 52 room boutique style family run hotel proposal that will include the Athenian Corner Restaurant on the ground floor at the current location on Market at Shattuck St..  The project will include the existing Athenian Corner building and new construction using the existing parking.  The new 5 story construction will not be red brick, but white, with the 5 floor set back.  The 5th level will be event rooms and an outside area as currently envisioned.  There will be a recessed drive through area at the corner of Shattuck for guest drop off and valet parking. Parking will be in the Roy Garage and it anticipated that many guest will self-park.  Restaurant guests will park on the street or garage.  Parking was discussed as a concern.

The each floor of hotel will have pictures of the various Lowell neighborhoods.  The ground floor restaurant will be slightly expanded (the seating currently not used on the 2nd floor will be part of the expansion).  It is envisioned that there will be seasonal outside seating on Market Street.  A recess would provide space for tables on what is relatively narrow side walk.

Supplies would be unloaded on Shattuck Street.  The alley would not be affected and trash and recyclable would be removed from building storage through the alley.

The neighborhood is supportive.  Parking was the only expressed concern.

Summer music would be moved to the 5th level.

If permitted, the project could get underway in June as an optimistic date.

There is a Planning Department Hearing on Monday 4/3 at 6:30 PM City Hall.

The proposal goes to the Historic Board on 3/10.   

Asking the people present at the meeting and getting affirmative support,  the LDNA Board motioned, seconded and approved a letter of support for the Athenian Corner Hotel Project.

Gabby Davis, CEO of Made in Lowell, discussed what her group does and the events they host in the City.

She also had a PowerPoint presentation with pictures.  Made in Lowell foster economic and community development in Lowell.  Gabby showed a number of events including some in Lucey Larkum Park.  Made in Lowell organized the Craft Beer walk around local business (next one is planned for Nov 11) as well as a food truck series.  It also organizes Friday Nights.  It will have an Octoberfest event this fall (10/14).  The plan is to go into the neighborhoods in 2018.  There is a wine sipping planned for May 20th.  This gets folks to taste select wines while visiting various business around the downtown as they get their passports stamped.  

Most events are free except if there is food or beverages.  Gabby is limited in the number of 1 day liquor licenses she can get as they are granted to an individual.  Additional involved people could help.  Each event includes significant planning and coordination as well as work with the City.  She is working on more events along the canals and canal walkways.  Another end of year event is planned and she hopes the weather which was very cold this past year is more cooperative.

Abbey welcomes support and volunteers.   Go to her web site – www.madeinlowell.org/

General Information

Councilor Samaras announced that for the Lowell High School Project, better cost information will be available on May 28th



February 2017 Minutes

Meeting Opens 7:03 PM




Jack Moynihan – Co-chair

Carolyn Alphen – Co-chair

Corey Sciuto – Secretary


Treasurer’s Report



Police Report, Lt. Crawford


Quieter month than last, with the holidays being over. Car breaks continue; three disorderlies this month due to three different bars refusing entry to drunk people who caused trouble.


Officer Hanson, Canine officer. ‘Bossy’ the German Shepherd


Bossy is used for patrol, narcotics, etc. <Training demo>


Andy Jacobson, Board President of Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)

COOL has new offices outside of City Hall and has opened up a shop at 122 Merrimack Street: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CultureIsCool/about. Arts and Maker Fest September 16-17: https://www.facebook.com/LowellArtMakerFest





January 2017 Minutes

January 23rd, 2017 7 PM, LTC



Carolyn Alphen, Co-Chair

Jack Moynihan, Co-Chair

Stephen Greene, VP/Treasurer

Corey Sciuto Secretary


Begin Meeting

Stephen moves; Corey seconds


Annual Re-Elections

All officers re-elected


Treasurer’s Report


Police Report, Lt. Crawford

Higher-than-normal crime this month, related both to increased activity due to Christmas and New Years, including higher police presence. An individual who committed many of the elevated rate of car breaks was arrested this month as well. Discussions around improved lighting, vagrancy, etc.


Neighborhood Services Subcommittee is present


Supt. Bill Tailor, LPD

3rd consecutive year with double-digit reduction in crime. Includes 15-18% reduction in shots fired.


Maryann Ballotta, Director of Research and Development, LPD

Application for grant for downtown neighborhood (potentially $1M over three years, includes mandatory nine-month planning period, being submitted soon with grant beginning early 2018). Maryann has reached out to and is working with Jack Moynihan. Potential goals include increased lighting, addressing panhandling (change program). Self-watering flower pots. Partnership with Lowell Transitional Living Center to help them better serve their population downtown. Increased lighting in Kerouac Park as it’s a known crime hot-spot. Potentially coordinating with Mill City Grows to open a community garden downtown.


Council expresses interest particularly in working more closely with Lowell Transitional Living Center, especially around keeping their clients occupied with programming during the day.


City Manager Kevin Murphy

We have 252 police officers, highest count since the Clinton era. Most uniformed firefighters in two decades. $4.5M under net school spending at the beginning of Murphy’s tenure; $9.5M over currently. 90% ground-floor occupation level citywide.


Kathleen Marcin asks for highest and best use study re: Lowell High School.


  • City will provide LDNA with highest and best use study.


Wayne Jenness asks what will happen to the courthouses when the new one opens.


  • They’ll be sold on the private market.


Discussion around art gallery shuttles


David Ouellette, Inspectional Services


Over 100 food establishments downtown. About 10 closed food establishments.


Nick Navin, Parking Dept


Lower Locks garage repair work is done, Market St is nearly done.


The closing of Market St during City of Lights blocking the garage was in error.


Surface Parking Lot next to Canal Place III will not be built until they end up developing Hamilton Canal District 2 and 4, which are currently surface lots.


Call the Parking Dept. if your car was damaged during the garage repair process.


Discussion around 1 East Merrimack St and Parking. They can’t fit that many cars in the Davidson St lot unless a garage is built there.


Overall, there is interest increasing the number of parking spaces downtown.


Motion to ajourn

Carolyn moves, Stephen Greene seconds.