October 2019 Minutes

LDNA 10/28/19



Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:05.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Approval of September 2019 minutes: postponed.

Treasurer’s Report

               $840.29 balance in account.  (Reported by Jack)

Police Report

Capt. Kennedy – In charge of downtown “Charlie” sector.

Here to hear about the concerns of residents.

  • 4 agg assaults; 2 were shelter related, 1 was bar-related, 1 was mental-health issue.
  • 2 car-breaks – both were unlocked vehicles.  PLEASE LOCK YOUR CARS!
  • 3 disorderlies – 1 public urination, 2 bar-related
  • 2 robberies – 1 involved a known party, 1 was a stolen bicycle in daylight for which arrest was made.
  • 6 vandalism, mostly in Appleton and South Street areas.  Many involve vacant buildings which will get worse in cold weather.
  • Underage bar stings have found 6 people at Blue Shamrock.  But they had very good forged MA licenses, so the bar is less on the hook than they would be if they had let in out of state licenses.

Q:  I walk through South Common every day.  Should I be worried about the homeless people?

A:  No, they generally keep to themselves.  City Manager’s office is working on day programs to help give these people somewhere to go.  Program to distribute free needles and other drug accessories has made things even worse.

Q:  Isn’t there a new drug court?

A:  Yes, but there are certain criteria for being able to access it.  One thing that’s required is for the individual to want to get well and make a change.  Many of the drug-addicted homeless don’t seem to want the help that’s available.

Q:  When is the shelter’s day programming going to begin?

A:  Soon, but not sure about the schedule.

Q:  Is the joint UML/LPD patrol still happening?

A:  No.  But it might be worth looking at starting up again.

New downtown police precinct is up and running.  It is staffed irregularly but generally between 8:30am – 11:00pm.  City Manager and LPD are committed to downtown quality of life.

David Henderson, Director of Marketing for the Merrimack Repertory Theatre, will discuss the MRT’s offerings and discounts

  • 41st season just began.
  • Current production “Cambodian Rock Band” deals with Cambodian Genocide, but its really a universal story about surviving and coping with tragedies, and yet it’s about family and filled with humor and music.  Great for younger audiences (16+) in spite of the somewhat heavy topic.
  • Later in the spring is a show about Nina Imone.

Q:  What’s up with the search for a new Artistic Director?

A:  90 people applied; Have been narrowed it down to 4 finalists.  Hopefully someone will be offered the job within the next month or so.

Summer youth program teaches general life communication skills.

Special discount nights:  $5 for the first night of each show.  $10 Lowell night, and other special discounts are available.

General Information

  • No meeting in November or December.  Next meeting is 1/27/2020.
  • Election is November 5th.
    • New voting system.
    • CPA

Meeting Adjourns at 7:50.

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