January 2020 Minutes

LDNA 1/27/20



Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:04.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Approval of September & October 2019 minutes: Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

               $840.29 balance in account.  Time for annual dues: $10 suggested donation, any amount welcome.

Police Report

Lt Peasley – In charge of “neighborhood action unit”.  Will be focusing on downtown neighborhood.  Contact anytime at DPeaslee@lowellma.gov

  • 4 agg assaults.
    • 2 were domestic
    • 1 shooting in front of blue shamrock: known parties – drug deal gone wrong.
    • 2 involved Lowell high school
  • 4 car breaks – involves unlocked car doors or valuables left in plain sight.  PLEASE LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!
  • 1 disorderly crime after bar closings.
  • Vandalisms mostly domestic related.

Q:  Thursday nights are getting to be as bad as Saturdays.  People are outside yelling and carrying on loudly and fighting.

A:  Call x3200 and report when this happens.  Officers will investigate.  Never hesitate to call.

Q:  Is the area down by the locks a safe place to walk at night?

A:  Yes, but if you’re worried call x3200 and the LPD can assist/escort you.

Q:  Kids on Veo-Ride bikes?

A:  The GPS units must have been disabled because all the bikes should have been removed for the winter.

John Leahy, Mayor of the City of Lowell

  • 5 yrs on school committee, 7 on city council.  Will be Mayor for next 2 years.

Q:  What is up with vacant building behind canal place?

A:  City Manager’s office is working on it.

Proposal for re-development will be coming up soon at the Planning Board.

Note:  Higher density than original proposal;  what about providing parking?

Q:  Can we spiff up the major access roads into the city?  We should provide attractive and welcoming gateways.

A:  Yes, we need a beautification plan for the whole city.

Do not litter signs.

Have more trash and recycling receptacles.

Plant more trees.

Downtown residents pay the same taxes as other residents but don’t get trash and recycling pickup services.

Q:  Certain properties don’t clear snow from their sidewalks.

A:  Call Development services and report the problem.

City needs more inspectors and to ticket more

Q:  Central St bridge update?  Can we get state delegation involved to pressure Mass DOT? 

A:  It was a fiasco.

Q:  Can something be done about the people that park in front of Canal III and block access to the garage?  Who owns that right-of-way?

A:  We will look into it.

Q:  How about access issues behind Canal Place?

A:  Carolyn reports ongoing conversations with Clare Ricker to find a solution.

Q:  What about broken parking meters?

A:  We need to look into replacing them.  If you can’t find a working kiosk after making an honest effort, don’t worry about getting a ticket.

Q:  Are there any plans for public bathrooms?

A:  Not sure.  Will look into it.

Q:  When a snow storm happens, what is the threshold for calling a snow emergency?

A:  Whenever plowing is going to take place.  The LPD makes the call.

Q:  Any update on the transitional living center day program?

A:  It’s a work in progress.  New homeless coordinator will be working on it.

Q:  What are plans for economic development committee?

A:  Councilor Elliott will chair the committee.  Has lots of ideas.

Q:  Who is chair of neighborhood committee and will they hold meetings in the neighborhood?

A:  Councilor Rourke is the chair.  He will likely hold the onsite meetings.

General Information

  • MRT has new under-35 program.  You can get any performance for ½ price, as well as ½ price drinks.
  • City Council motion has been made about discussing bar situation.  Might involve rolling back closing time to match surrounding communities.
    • Will the economic impact cause other problems?
    • We might penalize all bars for the sins of only some.
    • How about stricter regulations?
    • Maybe there the creative “punishments” that the license commission can use that would be unappealable.  (e.g. turning on lights early)
    • Perhaps a rule that if no manager is present, the bar can’t open.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:24.

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