June 2021 Minutes

7pm – June 26, 2021 This meeting was a hybrid of Zoom and in person at the LTC main meeting area.

Meeting was called to order by Jack Moynihan

Limited introductions.  Jack recognized Councilor Drinkwater.

  1. Approval of minutes 

Motion made and seconded to approve as presented.  Minutes approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The current balance in the bank is $1,133.29   with a $10 deposit pending. 

  1. Police Report by Captain Cullen

The report is attached and was brief.  The low level of crime in the downtown continues.  There were no questions.

  1. Guest Speaker – Christine McCall, Assistant City Manager & DPD Director,  discussed ongoing  issues

First – congratulations were extended to Christine for her recent appointment to Assistant City Manager.  This is in addition to her role as Director of Planning and Development.

The Central St bridge reconstruction was the lead off topic with questions on why the main beam replacement was not observed in the original assessment.  The answer is that the road deck needed to be removed to fully assess the beam’s condition.  The replacement design is being approved by MA DOT and a better understanding of the work schedule should be available in a week. This change (the main beam) should be good for 50 years.

Concern was expressed for the impact on Central St business. They are receiving some help from Economic Development.

Since the initial work on the Central Street Bridge started 2 years ago, can we be confident on the work schedule and completions date?  Christine pointed out the MA DOT is in charge of the project.  News and updates have been sporadic but the project information is available on


For updates and information on ongoing projects throughout Lowell, visit: lowellma.gov/construction.

The City Council Transportation Subcommittee was meeting on Tuedsay 6/29 to discuss the Central Street Bridge.

If there are any specific questions about the Central St Bridge, please reach out to Christine and she can assist   tigerbridge@lowellma.gov

Questions were asked about the bridge sidewalk closures at Market and Dutton (beside Mack Plaza).  There are open holes in the side walk. Information is being gathered on the problem.

There were questions on the slow pace of construction at the former Lord Overpass.  Why not work longer hours and complete sooner?  The project is complex and has a long timetable.

A street lamp on Market St fell down and struck a parked car.  DPW is working on it.

Christine also mentioned the Lowell Arts Market, the first of five events took place at Lucy Larcom Park.  See https://www.visitdtl.com/events/lowell-arts-market-at-lucy-larcom-park/

For the other dates and locations

Some of the follow on to Christine’s presentation extended into general information.

  1. General Information

In the Roy Garage, pieces of concrete have fallen on to the roofs of cars, causing damage.  Report such problems to the garage manager. 

Sidewalks by the garage as well in other areas downtown are in very poor condition and present a trip hazard.  Concrete has deteriorated and salt for ice treatment was mentioned as a cause of the concrete deterioration.

Shauna Forcier report via chat that – The City of Lowell is hosting a community vigil to honor Lowell residents who passed away due to COVID-19. The ceremony will take place outside of City Hall tomorrow Tuesday, June 29 at 6:00 PM. 319 flags will be placed in the lawn of City hall to symbolize each life lost in Lowell. Please join us.

There will not be a July LDNA meeting

There will be an August Meeting to meet and hear from candidates for election to the City Council.  This year there will be district and at large councilors.

Wayne Jenness, candidate for our local district, 4, introduced himself.

               Notes by Stephen Greene

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