LDNA Draft Minutes – Virtual Meeting, August 23, 2021

  1. Approval of minutes
    Moved, and approved
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    $1,233.29 including last deposit of $30
  3. Police Report
    Lt Rojas provided brief police report for the Downtown from August 1 to the 22 nd . He had a
    map and table which is not included. Crimes were relatively few and included car break ins,
    disorderly conduct and vandalism.
  4. “Meet the Candidates” virtual session with District 4 and At Large City Council candidates.
    Carolyn moderated the candidates who were given each 3 minutes of free time, 5 questions in
    reversing order and a final closing comment. Since brief notes would not reflect each
    candidate’s comments and responses, the recording of the Zoom meeting is available,
    Passcode: 0K0S*^hA

  5. The Candidates for City Council present on the Zoom meetingin starting order
    Vesna Nuon At large
    Paul Belley District 4
    Ryan Rourke District 4
    Wayne Jenness District 4
    Deb Belanger At large
    Rita Mercier At large
    John Drinkwater At large
    Bobby Tugbiyele At large
    For more information on the candidates and if they have a web site, see the Lowell Votes site
    https://www.lowellvotes.org/whosrunning2021/ scroll down to View Language. This will open
    the 8 districts and the candidates. Not all At Large candidates were able to attend this LDNA
    virtual forum.​
    For information on vote see the City Election and Census Office –
    Don’t forget to vote in the Primary for District 4 on September 21 st and the election on November 2nd
  6. Adjourn 8:35
    Prepared by Stephen Greene

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