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LDNA Notes – November 22, 2021

Jack Moynihan and Carolyn presiding over the Zoom meeting. Stephen Greene as treasurer and interim secretary. Councilor Drinkwater and Councilor Elect Jenness, Captain Jack Cullen, Christine McCall and Shauna Forcier were online.

  1. Previous meeting minutes have not been posted. Draft minutes will be posted on the LDNA web site for approved after a new secretary is elected in January.
  2. Treasurer’s Report $1,233.29. No deposits are pending.
  3. Police Report Captain Jack Cullen reported on crime in the downtown for the previous month. There was no handout.
    There were 2 aggravated assaults with charges and arrests
    1 burglary with a suspect
    6 car breaks with 5 of them in unlocked cars. 1 involved a broken car window
    2 domestic violence with arrests
    4 vandalisms

Generally the down town has been relatively quiet and with relatively low criminal activity.

A resident complimented the Police for their quiet response late at night, especially when respond in cruisers.

Capt. Cullen reported that the police proactively approach bar closings which tends to avoid problems on the street.

When asked if there had been an uptick in criminal activity, the answer was no and that problems are about half of 5 years ago.

There are some city cameras and private building camera footage is requested and used when available for nvestigations which include broken windows.

Segways are now popular with the patrols and are used.

  1. Guest Speaker – Christine McCall, Assistant City Manager &DPD Director, discussed ongoing roadway construction and development issues.

Paving is in process for the Lord Overpass area as the project moves into the final stages Project is due to be complete in the Fall of 22 but generally done by the Spring.

From Shauna Forcie’s email message:

The Lord Overpass Redesign project is entering Phase 4 of construction this week which will significantly improve traffic flow through the area and allow for more turning options. Middlesex Street outbound will re-open during this phase.
Paving and prep work to transition to this phase will take place on Tuesday, November 23, which will require intermittent lane closures and detours. Please avoid traveling through this area on Tuesday if possible.

The Market St bridge (at Dutton) is not a Tiger project. It has been inspected and the issue is the sidewalks. The city is working with MA DoT. Concern was expressed for kids circumventing the sidewalk barriers.

Concern was expressed about pedestrians crossing Dutton at Fletcher as well as Jackson where there is no cross walk and on the edge of the Lord Overpass construction and heavy traffic. It is an ongoing problem.

For the Central St Bridge, the beam was order in August, expecting a May 2022 delivery, Cost is up by 200% Should be finished in the Fall of 2022. A comment on the pedestrian crossing at Warren Street which can be dangerous for pedestrians if traffic turn left onto Central.

A comment on the fact that the traffic barrels on Market Street (at Central) are pushed out into the open lane and forcing traffic to the left side of the open lane. This in turn reduces the usable lane width for traffic turning on to Market Street from Central St.

For the Hamilton Canal Project. The City now owns parcels 15 and 16. The Lupoli garage should start soon. The Blue Bridge still has punch list work to do so it is not open to foot vehicle traffic. The original plan for a theater is not likely and development will be along the life sciences line with synergy with UMass Lowell

On the Homelessness and Affordable Housing – Christine is temporarily in charge. She commented that state and federal leadership is needed. Most towns don’t meet the 10% affordability criteria because of their zoning laws.

The Shelter will go into the 24/7 mode with Winter Protocol.

Councilor Drinkwater has a City Council motion for the City to look into temporary cottage house for homeless people through a private company using state funds.

[ For an update on city related construction projects See City Council December 7, 2021 Packet download, pages 18 -23. Go to the CC Packet download]

  1. General Information

Old business – the Hamilton Canal Garage Lighting, a partial update. Terry Ryan was not available for this meeting. Some of the sensors for dimming the lights are the wrong ones and replacements haven been ordered but are delayed in delivery. We will get an update for our January meeting.

Remember to shop locally:

The City of Lowell’s Economic Development Office and the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce are working together to encourage shoppers to support our local businesses this holiday season.
Make a purchase at any Lowell-based business and share a picture of your purchase using the hashtag #Shop978 on Facebook and Instagram.
Winners will receive a gift card to any Lowell-based business of their choice (must offer gift cards) and I Love Lowell sweatshirts.
All winners will be announced on Monday, December 27th, 2021 on the City of Lowell’s Economic Development and Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook pages.
There is a new way to report rodent problems to the City. The email address is, , Residents can submit their reports of rat or rodent sightings to that email, with specific addresses and preferably with photographic documentation.

The Lowell Litter Krewe has picked up 100,000 pounds of trash through its City wide cleanups this year.

Little Delights has moved to a new location on Merrimack St.

Lala Books has schedules activities and used books.

The Adopt a Street Trash pick up continues to be active downtown.

After problems with Waste Management emptying the downtown/city trash barrels, the City collection has worked well.

Captain Cullen is also a local writer. From Carolyn Alphen to Everyone 08:03 PM

Councilor Elect Jenness thanked everyone for their support, Wayne Jenness,, 978-226-3064 if you wish to reach Wayne.

No Meeting in December.

Next Meeting is January 25th.7 PM Most likely a Zoom meeting

  1. Adjourn

8:05 PM

Draft minutes by Stephen Greene

LDNA Agenda and meeting notes – October 25, 2021 ZOOM Meeting

Jack Moynihan, Carolyn Alphen and Stephen Greene present

  1. There was no approval of minutes. June, August and September have not been posted on the
    LDNA website, voting has been deferred
  2. Treasurer’s Report $1,233.29 No pending deposits
  3. Police Report
    Captain Cullen provided the crime report for the previous month. There was no handout to
    attach. There had been a fight with criminal charges. Several burglaries including a break in to
    a mail room, a car break into an unlocked car, 6 vandalisms (broken doors, windows and a car
    window), 2 disorderly conducts.
    During the Q&A, question if there had been gang activity in some of the incidents? No, but in
    the fights, the people were known to each other. The mail room break was in Canal Place 1
    were the criminal broke the lockbox for the delivery drivers and used to fob to gain access.
    This happened in the early hours. The fob was deactivated.
  4. Howard Amidon from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation will discuss Mosaic Lowell
    Howard Amidon from the Greater Lowell Community was joined by Allison Lamey from the
    Lowell Plan to talk about Mosaic, Lowell’s Art and Cultural Economy Plan. Work on the plan
    started in the Fall of 2019. Among the objectives of the plan is to build equity around the City
    and get arts and culture included in long range planning. They had a recent presentation at Lala
    Bookstore on 10/26. Another objective is to bring more people to the City.
    The Barr Foundation is involved. A web site is being developed.
    More information on Mosaic can be found at
    General discussion – the plan covers the whole City.
    Folks wanted to see use made of vacant store fronts, opera, dancing at St. Jean Baptiste, a
    walkway to Western Ave. People wanted better sharing and notification of events and activities.
    While there is information on Face Book and through COOL, there is a need for better overall
    coverage. The Sun has not been a good source of activity information for a number of years.
    “Howl” is missed. Need to engage UML. Someone mentioned that a good example of getting
    cultural and event information out was the Boston Phoenix. Why not a quarterly magazine? A
    pull out for the Sun.
    Chat comments included appreciation for the 2 large wall murals and call for more, a call to
    reinstall the Public Art – Human Construction. Abandoned storefront windows were once
    decorated by LHS art projects. Walkable connection between downtown and Western Avenue –
    better walkways to neighborhoods from downtown. Would love to see more community events
    like “drive in” movie nights. Would love to see more events focused along the Canalways.
    Would love to have dedicated comedy and music venues – we really need that now more than
    ever. Sounds like the walkways could be a cultural “freedom trail”​
  5. State Rep.Vanna Howard will give an update on the “Adopt a Street” plan
    Representative Vanna Howard talked about the Adopt a Street Program for downtown that she
    and Jack Moynahan have organized. Currently there are 15 volunteers covering downtown
    streets and parks. Trash grabber tools are kept at the Roy Garage. The pails disappeared but
    volunteers are using trash bags. Trash grabbers can be found at Costco.
  6. General Information and Discussion
    Planning and Development were not available for this meeting but will be invited to update us
    at our next meeting.
    Pamela Wamala shared that there would be a Holliday show at the All Gallery.
    If you don’t get an email notification for LDNA Meetings (typically the 4 th Monday of the
    month) send a request message to . Next LDNA meeting is Monday,
    11/22, 7 PM
    The problem with lights at the new Hamilton Canal Garage continues. External lights shine
    into some Canal Place 3 units and internal garage lights do not have the motion sensor dimmers
    that were supposed to be installed. Because of proximity to CP3, lighting is a sensitive issue
    which was negotiated with the neighborhood. It is time to get the Parking Director back for an
    LDNA meeting to address when these problems will be addressed/
    Wayne Jenness reminder attendees that he was a District candidate for City Council, that early
    voting had started at the Senior Center and Election Day was Tuesday, November 2 nd .
  7. Adjourn
    8 PM
    Draft notes prepared by Stephen Greene

LDNA Draft Minutes – Virtual Meeting, September 27, 2021

Board members present: Carolyn Alphen, Jack Moynihan, Stephen Greene

  1. Approval of minutes
    August minutes had not been posted, will do in October.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    $1,233.29 with no pending deposits
  3. Police Report
    Captain Cullen provided a brief police report for the Downtown for September to date (9/27).
    No handout was available. During this time, there were 5 assaults (primarily fights), 1 burglary,
    1 car break (car unlocked), 2 disorderlies, 2 shopliftings, 6 vandalisms (including 2 broken
    windows and car damage).
    During Q&A, electric bikes as well as regular bikes should not be used on the side walk.
    Concerns expressed about kids riding bikes dangerously in traffic. The police do follow up
    when they can track the to their homes. Let police know if you know who the kids are.
  4. They owner of Sahel on Central Street talked about their new restaurant. Emile Kamadeu
    whose family had a restaurant in Africa and Peter Tamajong said that they were attracted to
    Lowell because of its ethnic diversity. They had a soft opening earlier and recent ribbon cutting.
    They offer numerous African and Caribbean dishes. The restaurant took 4 year to open as there
    was much work to be done to get the site ready. Add the delays caused by the pandemic. The
    City has been supportive. Sahel is a work in progress and its liquor license is pending. They
    have arranged parking and are working on more. They welcome folks to come and taste the
  5. Adopt a street program
    Jack Moynihan discussed an Adopt a Street Program that he and Vanna Howard have initialed.
    It is a weekly trash sweep of a section of down town street that someone has “adopted”. Trash
    picked and buckets are kept at the Roy Garage. They are currently doing the trash sweep on
    If you are interested in adopting a section of street, contact Jack or Vanna ,
  6. General Business
    Carolyn and Jack opened the “floor” for general discussion. Carolyn reminded folks to support
    local business. She noted that a new Tea place had opened on Merrimack St. ?? is this correct??
    A question was asked about 2 large murals that are now being painted, one on the Athenian
    Corner wall and a second on the Gates Block overlooking the garden. More information will be​
    forthcoming, including development plans for the Athenean which have been delayed by the
    pandemic. The murals were approved and had funding.
    Shauna Forcier said she get more information on other questions posed and more information
    on Downtown Development Master plan, Among the questions, why can’t the Blue Bridge in
    the Hamilton Canal District be used by pedestrians. It currently is a hard hat area. What is
    going on with the Boott Mill building at 200 Market St (between Canal Place 1 and Canal Place
    3). Why was a security fencing place around the power house/stack across the driveway from
    Boott Mill at 200 Market st? Many lock boxes are now inaccessible. Why are apartments
    being built in Lowell and not Condos? What can be done about poor building management at
    Appleton Mills? What is going on to encourage Technology and Innovation in the City?
    Answers to many of these questions will be available at a future meetings. Shauna provided
    this link to the 2021 Lowell Plan:
    Captain Cullen said that if there is criminal activity going on at Appleton Mills, notify the
  7. Adjourn 7:54
    Prepared by Stephen Greene
    Added note.
    The Boston Globe printed 2 large articles on “Lowell Stages a Comeback”, 2021-09-30

LDNA Draft Minutes – Virtual Meeting, August 23, 2021

  1. Approval of minutes
    Moved, and approved
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    $1,233.29 including last deposit of $30
  3. Police Report
    Lt Rojas provided brief police report for the Downtown from August 1 to the 22 nd . He had a
    map and table which is not included. Crimes were relatively few and included car break ins,
    disorderly conduct and vandalism.
  4. “Meet the Candidates” virtual session with District 4 and At Large City Council candidates.
    Carolyn moderated the candidates who were given each 3 minutes of free time, 5 questions in
    reversing order and a final closing comment. Since brief notes would not reflect each
    candidate’s comments and responses, the recording of the Zoom meeting is available,
    Passcode: 0K0S*^hA

  5. The Candidates for City Council present on the Zoom meetingin starting order
    Vesna Nuon At large
    Paul Belley District 4
    Ryan Rourke District 4
    Wayne Jenness District 4
    Deb Belanger At large
    Rita Mercier At large
    John Drinkwater At large
    Bobby Tugbiyele At large
    For more information on the candidates and if they have a web site, see the Lowell Votes site scroll down to View Language. This will open
    the 8 districts and the candidates. Not all At Large candidates were able to attend this LDNA
    virtual forum.​
    For information on vote see the City Election and Census Office –
    Don’t forget to vote in the Primary for District 4 on September 21 st and the election on November 2nd
  6. Adjourn 8:35
    Prepared by Stephen Greene

June 2021 Minutes

7pm – June 26, 2021 This meeting was a hybrid of Zoom and in person at the LTC main meeting area.

Meeting was called to order by Jack Moynihan

Limited introductions.  Jack recognized Councilor Drinkwater.

  1. Approval of minutes 

Motion made and seconded to approve as presented.  Minutes approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The current balance in the bank is $1,133.29   with a $10 deposit pending. 

  1. Police Report by Captain Cullen

The report is attached and was brief.  The low level of crime in the downtown continues.  There were no questions.

  1. Guest Speaker – Christine McCall, Assistant City Manager & DPD Director,  discussed ongoing  issues

First – congratulations were extended to Christine for her recent appointment to Assistant City Manager.  This is in addition to her role as Director of Planning and Development.

The Central St bridge reconstruction was the lead off topic with questions on why the main beam replacement was not observed in the original assessment.  The answer is that the road deck needed to be removed to fully assess the beam’s condition.  The replacement design is being approved by MA DOT and a better understanding of the work schedule should be available in a week. This change (the main beam) should be good for 50 years.

Concern was expressed for the impact on Central St business. They are receiving some help from Economic Development.

Since the initial work on the Central Street Bridge started 2 years ago, can we be confident on the work schedule and completions date?  Christine pointed out the MA DOT is in charge of the project.  News and updates have been sporadic but the project information is available on

For updates and information on ongoing projects throughout Lowell, visit:

The City Council Transportation Subcommittee was meeting on Tuedsay 6/29 to discuss the Central Street Bridge.

If there are any specific questions about the Central St Bridge, please reach out to Christine and she can assist

Questions were asked about the bridge sidewalk closures at Market and Dutton (beside Mack Plaza).  There are open holes in the side walk. Information is being gathered on the problem.

There were questions on the slow pace of construction at the former Lord Overpass.  Why not work longer hours and complete sooner?  The project is complex and has a long timetable.

A street lamp on Market St fell down and struck a parked car.  DPW is working on it.

Christine also mentioned the Lowell Arts Market, the first of five events took place at Lucy Larcom Park.  See

For the other dates and locations

Some of the follow on to Christine’s presentation extended into general information.

  1. General Information

In the Roy Garage, pieces of concrete have fallen on to the roofs of cars, causing damage.  Report such problems to the garage manager. 

Sidewalks by the garage as well in other areas downtown are in very poor condition and present a trip hazard.  Concrete has deteriorated and salt for ice treatment was mentioned as a cause of the concrete deterioration.

Shauna Forcier report via chat that – The City of Lowell is hosting a community vigil to honor Lowell residents who passed away due to COVID-19. The ceremony will take place outside of City Hall tomorrow Tuesday, June 29 at 6:00 PM. 319 flags will be placed in the lawn of City hall to symbolize each life lost in Lowell. Please join us.

There will not be a July LDNA meeting

There will be an August Meeting to meet and hear from candidates for election to the City Council.  This year there will be district and at large councilors.

Wayne Jenness, candidate for our local district, 4, introduced himself.

               Notes by Stephen Greene

May 2021 Minutes

7 PM, Zoom Virtual (Online) Meeting

A recording of the meeting can be viewed online at:


Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:02.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

March 2021 Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

               (Report given by Carolyn in Steve’s absense) $1133.29 balance in account.

Police Report

               Capt Jack Cullen  – sector commander for downtown  –  stats not so good this month.  Discussed downtown issues with residents.

               Deputy Chief Mark LeBlanc introduced himself (now in charge of patrol)

Guest Speaker:  Laura and Greg Lamarre Anderson

               Inttroduced their new bookstore “LaLa Books” which will opoen at 189 Market Street (next to Warp & Weft) on July 23rd. You can find them online at:
Instagram @lalabookslowell
Twitter @lala_books
Facebook @lalabooks.lowell

  • focus on childrens books
  • focus on local authors
  • looking to collaborate with local artists and small businesses

Guest Speaker:  State Rep Vanna Howard

               Provided update on FY22 MA budget – secured $25k earmark for downtown beatification/improvements. Also took questions and discussed issues including:

  • hangings flower baskets for downtown streets
  • need for more (and better maintained) trash barrels downtown
  • opened district office downtown at 25 Central St (next to old court)

Guest Speaker:  Brad Buitenhuys of Lowell Litter Krewe

               Introduced Lowell Litter Krewe and spoke about their city-wide cleanup efforts.

General Information

– Discussion of possible return to in-person LDNA meetings. Would be best to have hybrid meetings

– New info kisok at Lucy Larcom Park courtesy of DIY Lowell.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:12.

March 2021 Minutes

7 PM, Zoom Virtual (Online) Meeting

A recording of the meeting can be viewed online at: Passcode: ZA317#z!


Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Stephen Greene

Meeting called to order at: 7:01.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Feb 2021 Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

               $983.09 balance in account.

Police Report

               Capt Jack Cullen, sector commander for downtown, discussed downtown stats and issues with residents. There were 3 aggravated assaults in the last month; all involved parties known to one another and all resulted in arrests.

Guest Speakers:  Lainnie Edmond from the Mayor’s Opiate Task Force, and Jon Kelly from Trinity Ambulance

               Detailed presentations on Lowell’s Opiate Task Force statistics and activities from 2011 to 2020 were made and the opiate situation in the city was discussed with a focus on the downtown area.

General Information

  • Discussion on slow pace of bridge and road construction projects and other transportation issues.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:10.

February 2021 Minutes

LDNA 2/22/21

7 PM, Zoom Virtual (Online) Meeting


Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Stephen Greene

Meeting called to order at: 7:05.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Jan 2021 Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

               $983.29 balance in account.  $10 annual dues as suggested donation.  We are looking into virtual/electronic means of remittance.

Police Report

               Capt Jack Cullen  – new sector commander for downtown  –  relatively quiet month.  Discussed downtown issues with residents.

               Lt. Rojas introduced himself as new head of Neighborhood Action Unit  –

Guest Speaker:  Lowell City Council member John Drinkwater

               Discussed mural project proposal.

General Information

– Dog poo is an issue downtown.

– What’s up with Myaoral Election issue?

– Need to clear snow and maintain sidewalks.

– Status of new Hamilton Garage?

Meeting Adjourns at 8:19.

January 2021 Minutes

LDNA 1/25/21

7 PM, Zoom Virtual (Online) Meeting

A recording of the meeting can be viewed online at:   Use Passcode:  33QNhH7&


Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Not posted — postponed.

Treasurer’s Report

               $983.29 balance in account.  $10 annual dues as suggested donation.  We are looking into virtual/electronic means of remittance.

Annual election of LDNA officers

               Carolyn and Jack expressed willingness to stay on for another year as co-chairs.  Sam is willing to stay on as secretary, and Stephen Greene has volunteered to serve as treasurer.  No other nominations were made, and the slate was elected unanimously.

Police Report

               Capt Kennedy – In charge of downtown district.  Discussed downtown issues with residents.

Guest Speaker:  Christine McCall, Director of Economic Development for City of Lowell

               Discussed economic development efforts, especially in light of COVID difficulties.

General Information

Meeting Adjourns.

February 2020 Minutes

LDNA 2/24/20



Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan  (Arrived at 7:14)

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:03.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Approval of January 2020 minutes: Not posted — postponed.

Treasurer’s Report

               $980.29 balance in account.

Police Report

Capt Kennedy – In charge of downtown district.

  • 3 agg assaults;
    • 1 was against officer during traffic stop
    • 1 male shot my bb gun; under investigation.
    • 1 arrest was made.
  • 1 burglary – kids mischief
  • 1 burg under investigation
  • Car breaks – doors were unlocked and electronics stolen.  LOCK YOUR DOORS!
  • 6 disorderliness
    • Several at smokehouse at closing
    • 2 at Appleton St involving homeless
    • 1 at central st; traffic stop with hostile driver
  • A spree of car vandalism seems to have been a 1-time thing involving juveniles.
  • City is looking at rolling back bar closing times.  This might help with craziness at bar closings.
    • Carolyn: LDNA isn’t sure rolling back hours is the solution; maybe giving the license commission better tools to deal with the bad actors would be a good step.
    • Police Lt:  The problem is really after the bars close and when everyone is out on the street trying to get to their cars.  Bar owners are generally cooperative with LPD.
    • Capt Kennedy:  LDNA should let license commission know what we think.

Q:  Do you know anything about a car damaging the building at Ayer Lofts over the weekend.

A:  No.  I can look into it.

Q:  Will we be able to walk over the signature bridge at night?

A:  Yes.  The whole area will be very well lit and patrolled once the bridge and judicial center opens in early March.

Q:  Can anything be done to improve the lighting and/or police patrols in the dark part of Prescott Street.

A:  Not sure what can be done about lighting due to the tall building.  But we will look into it.

Q:  Will parking enforcement be stepped up when the courthouse opens before the garage is ready?

A:  That’s really a question for the parking dept.

Christine McCall

  • 2020 Census.  1st time you can respond online.  You will get an ID code in the mail that you can use to sign in online.
  • Homeless count will take place over 3 days.  People living with friends/relatives should be listed on the resident’s census.
  • Pamphlet explains how to identify a real census enumerator who might come to your door.
  • Even if you fill out the online or paper census, a census worker might come to your door because of other surveys (e.g. ACS) that the census bureau conducts.

General Information

  • Harvard Graduate students were Downtown and in the Highlands asking about what was lacking in these areas. 
    • But what about residents’ interests?  Hamilton area is a neighborhood not an industrial park.  We need lighting and open space, etc.
    • Hopefully the city won’t take their recommendations without having open dialog with the residents.
  • Lighting along Pawtucket canal needs to be turned back on.
  • Axe-throwing venue is coming to Lowell!  Beer will be served, of course.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:02.