LDNA Minutes – October 24, 2022

The meeting was called to order a 7:00 PM.
After introductions, Jack Moynihan noted that the guest speakers would come to the November
meeting. One speaker had a last minute family issue and both wanted to speak together. He also
reminded us that the September meeting had been cancelled.

  1. Approval of minutes The August minutes were approved. There was no September meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report LDNA has $1,513.29 in its bank account. The treasurer as per usual
    reminded the meeting that he would be glad to collect voluntary membership donations after the
  3. Police Report Captain Jack Cullen presented the Police report for Downtown. Interim
    Superintendent Barry Golner also contributed to the Police Report and policing activities.
    Downtown 9/23/22 to 10/23/22
    Assaults – 4 all involved arrests
    Burglary – 6
    Car Breaks – 5 mixed cases. Regular reminder to lock your car and not leave valuables visible.
    Disorderly – 4 all arrested.
    Robbery – 2
    Shoplifting – 0
    Vandalism – 14 broken window, car keyed, car egged. 1 arrest and 1 charged
    Capt. Cullen mentioned that there have been problems in the JAM area (Jackson, Appleton and
    Middlesex) some of it related to influx of homeless who have come north from Mass and Cass /
    Boston. Lowell has been recommended as a city that provides services. The city is working
    with the state to provide services and hopes to develop a better regional approach.
    Interim Superintendent Golner explained that the police department is working with the new
    recently hired homeless coordinator (position had been vacant for awhile) to coordinate mental
    health services which should help the current situation. He said this is not an issue that you can
    police your way out of.
    Golner noted that there are more police on walking tours from 2 to 10 PM. He added that there
    is an ongoing hazard with discarded hypodermic needles. The City has someone who safely
    collects them daily. There was a High School shooting at Middlesex Street with immediate
    arrests through the use of the mobile cameras. The Department is looking into getting more
    mobile cameras and improving existing city mounted cameras, better resolution, pole mounted
    and closer to the ground. Current mounted cameras tend to be higher on buildings. A resident
    of Ayer Lofts noted that the blue light of the mobile camera station can be intrusive to residents
    at night. That said, the cameras have helped quiet the late night activity at the Enterprise
    parking lot. In praise of the mobile cameras, 2 individual were apprehended within 30 steps of
    a shooting.
  4. Guest Speakers – Not this meeting. Allison Carter, Economic Development Director, and ​
    Elizabeth Oltman, Traffic Engineer, will join us for our November meeting
  5. General Information
    Councilor Jenness transitioned the Police report to General Information. He is proposing to the
    City Council to have a summit with other Gateway Cities to discuss homelessness and the need
    for mental health services. He is working on restarting the City’s Hunger and Homeless
    Council. Also getting the state to help provide related services but not in the downtown. There
    have been a lot of South St Shelter users hanging out in the area. There is nothing to be done about the
    Central St Bridge pan handler. He is a veteran. No new news on the SNOT tagger other than
    someone saw his tag in Hampton Beach.
    Halloween Monster Bash in Downtown will be Saturday 12 – 3. Regular Halloween is Monday
    5 – 8 PM.
    Lowell City of Lights is Saturday 11/26
    Councilor Jenness will hold a fundraiser at Warp & Weft 11/14 5:30 – 8 PM
    Suprintendent Golner talked about the department’s Lowell Police Youth Services Program
    including a boxing gym and flag football as well as an early morning school program. For more
    information, the email is lpdyouthservices@lowellma.gov . He also mentioned the
    Neighborhood Action Group which addresses Citywide neighborhood issues.
  6. Adjourn
    Meeting adjourned at 7:45
    Next Meeting will be in person at Lowell Telecommunications, Monday November 28 at 7 PM
    Submitted by
    Stephen Greene, secretary pro tem

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