August Agenda

LDNA Agenda – Monday, August 22, 2016

1. Opening greeting

2. Approval of minutes

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Police Report

5. Mary Hart will discuss First Thursdays

6. General Information

7. Adjourn

June Minutes

LDNA 06/27/16, 7:06 PM




Carolyn Alphen, Jack Moynihan, Corey Sciuto


Approval of Minutes:


Carolyn moves; Corey seconds


Treasurer’s Report:




City Mgr. Kevin Murphy:


Discussed increased focus on trash during outdoor dining season.


Discussion on reverting many intersections to exclusive cycles, or delayed green after walk.


Discussion around increased parking rates. There has been no motion by the City Council; the Parking Dept misspoke. City is potentially working on an app to find out what parking lots have spaces.


Talk about increasing lighting downtown, including more canalside lighting.


Lt. Crawford, LPD:


Discussion about noise downtown, lack of police patrols by some of the alleys.


Richard Howe, Jr. Lowell Walks


Tours are 10 AM-11:30 AM on Saturday mornings:




Carolyn moves; Corey seconds


REMINDER: No July Meeting.


8:18 PM

June Agenda

LDNA Agenda – Monday, June 27, 2016

1. Opening greeting

2. Approval of minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Police Report

5. City Manager, Kevin Murphy

6. Richard Howe will discuss Lowell Walks

7. General Information

8. Adjourn

May Meeting Minutes

LDNA 5/23/16


Jack Moynihan

Carolyn Alphen

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto


Start: 7:02


Approval of March Minutes:

Moved by Carolyn; Second by Jack


Treasurer’s Report:

$287.29 + $40 deposits


Police Report:

Captain Richardson


Discussed recent incidents downtown. Largely typical bar stuff.


Report graffiti to Mike Demaras at Neighborhood Services or via e-gov


Councilor John Leahy, Public Safety Chair:


Increases to staff on Police Department and Fire Department. City Manager and the Police Chief are in Washington, D.C. today receiving a reward for Community Policing.


Paul A: How is the Hamilton Canal District work coming?


  1. Leahy: Contractors are being picked; hopefully the courthouse and the planned buildings start soon.


Stephen G: Will we get sidewalk repairs done before Folk Festival?


  1. Leahy: We would like to.


Jack M: Can we do anything about traffic light enforcement? Can we get cameras?


  1. Leahy: We haven’t discussed that in particular. We’ve talked about cameras in general.


Sam L: The downtown lights have cameras in them. Can’t we just use those?


  1. Leahy: We are continually looking into this sort of thing.


Sam L: What does the city offer for teens to do in the summer?


  1. Leahy: They can help work with the Parks Department.


(Councilor Bill Samaras enters; discussion on the panhandling and loitering laws)


Reminder to contact Nick Navin, Parking and Garages Dept. with any questions:


DIY Lowell:


Visit to submit ideas. Summit looks like it will be July 14.


First Thursdays: now through September.


Sam L: Can we make it legal to get to Western Avenue Studios from Dutton Street?


  1. Samaras: It would cost $2M to build a pedestrian bridge over that.


Adjournment: 8:32 PM


May 2016 Agenda

LDNA Agenda – Monday, May 23, 2016

1. Opening greeting

2. Approval of minutes

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Police Report

5. John Leahy, Chair of the Lowell City Council Public Safety Committee

6. Update on upcoming Lowell “First Thursdays” events

7. General Information

8. Adjourn

March 2016 Meeting Minutes

LDNA Meeting – 03/28/2016 7PM


Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto


Start: 7:01


Motion to Approve Minutes: Carolyn. Seconded by Jack

Treasurer’s Report: $287.29. Reminder that there is a suggested $5 donation.


Captain Webb, LPD, Sgt Prescott: Police report. Gun crime down citywide in 201; up downtown. A few specific clubs blamed with actions being taken: LPD and LFD awarded over $5M in grants in 2015:


Fred Faust, Lowell Heritage Partnership. Lowell: The Next Initiative for Lowell: Making Our Canals and Rivers Come Alive:


Nick Navin, Parking and Garages Dept. Roy (Market) Garage repairs. Contact Nick with any questions:


Announcements about cleanup, act to add income tax deductions for condo fees:

February 2016 Meeting Notes

LDNA Meeting 02/22/16

Start 7:05

Accept Previous Minutes

 Carolyn motions; Corey seconds

Treasurer’s Report


Police Report, Sgt. Prescott

Nothing too remarkable this month. Question about cameras. Money being redirected to add new cameras to trouble spots, including mobile cameras.

Danny Rourke, Vice Mayor

Discussion about reaching out to Inspectional Services re: code violations, etc. Discussion about the Neighborhood City Council Subcomittee.

Derek Pelotte of 350MA of Greater Lowell 

Find them on Facebook

Rapid Response Signup Form

Open Floor

Discussion on trying to get different businesses into the downtown; parking.


April 9, 9AM, Mack Plaza.

Next Meeting:

 Invite: Nick Naven and Madison Security


Carolyn motions; Corey seconds

Adjourn at 7:49

January 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Jack Moynihan, Susan Purdy, Stephen Greene, Carolyn Alphen, Corey Sciuto

START: 7:07 PM

Last meeting’s minutes accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: $277.29

Annual Election: Susan to step down. Jack and Carolyn running as Co-Chairs. Stephen Greene as VP and Treasurer. Corey to remain as Secretary.

Motion to accept slate, seconded. Accepted.


L.t Siopes Police Report: Fairly quiet month. Discussions about bars and panhandling, etc.

Mayor Edward Kennedy: Discussion about Business Improvement District (BID), general downtown issues.

Update on Parking Garage Repairs: Lower Locks going along; Roy Garage next.

Adjourn – 8:37

October 26th Meeting

LDNA Meeting – 10/26/15 7PM, LTC




Susan Purdy

Jack Moynihan

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto

Carolyn Alphen



Treasurer’s Report: $277.29



LPD Report: Lt. Siopes


No real major crimes this month; concern about vagrancy and criminal activity in front of the TD Bank building on Central St and in the tunnels and back alleys of Prescott St. Discussion about increased police presence (including the surveillance van) and/or cameras. Recommendation to call police and give address so hotspots show up in reports.



Craig Thomas, Chief Design Planner, DPD


Rehab facility building planned for the existing temporary parking lot by 110 Canal. New temporary lot built on existing snow field, on the side away from Canal Place III. Additional building over by Point Park where the National Park Service currently stores their boats.


Discussion about the garage planned for the lot next to Canal Place III. Asked to share out Shadow Study:


Public Meeting on 11/16 with regard to Pedestrian access around the Lord Overpass.



Yovani Baez-Rose, Neighborhood Planner, Katie Stoll, UML Intern


Discussion about Neighborhood Innovation Grants. More information here: The DPD will be hosting a public meeting on November 19th from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Mayor’s Reception Room at City Hall.


Closing Notes


City Election – 11/3


NO MEETING 11/23, No December Meeting. Meetings resume 1/25.


Lowell Walks, Lord Overpass area, 10/31 10AM-11:30AM. Starts at LTC.



Motion to adjourn – passes, 8:36 PM.

LDNA Meeting, Sept 28, 2015


Jack Moynihan

Susan Purdy

Stephen Greene

Carolyn Alphen

Corey Sciuto



Approve minutes: Passes


Account balance: $277.29


Capt. Kelly Richardson discussed last month’s crime report. Available as usual at


Supt. Bill Taylor – adding cameras to Kerouac Park. Adapting a system like that in Worcester that allows LPD to network together any camera on the internet that wants to be part of the system, into a central location. Being rolled out to local businesses.


Kathleen Marcin recommends that the LPD talk to the condo associations downtown about installing cameras.


Supt. Taylor on panhandling – numerous interviews have shown that the panhandlers downtown are addicts. Panhandling laws are up to the Supreme Court.


Craig Himmelberger – Glad Lowell is much safer than it has been, but opiate issues are way up. Has anyone talked to Gloucester?


Supt. Taylor – Not opposed to the program and glad the conversation has been started, but nobody has actually turned drugs in in Gloucester. Heroin is a lot more addictive and a lot cheaper than it used to be and often cut with Fentanyl. Cruisers now have Narcan in them. Used eight times in the first 24 hours.


Sam Litvin – Can we look into some sort of marking system for locations, like the canal walks and alleys, that don’t have addresses? It’s hard to call in places.


Supt. Taylor – We’ll look into it more.


Susan Purdy asks if we’d reconsider the regional dispatch center


Supt Taylor thinks the last proposal was a bad deal for Lowell for numerous reasons.

Chris Hayes and Aurora Erikson, Lowell Votes.


Door to door canvassing to increase the vote.  Handed out material about the current election season and is looking for volunteers.


Meeting ends.


After agenda conversation about economic development being a good topic for October, and how to reach out to more people.


Yovani Baez-Rose at Neighborhood Planning will be on the agenda in October.


Joe Laroque was here to reach out to us for Representative Mom.


Susan motions to adjourn, Jack seconds.