Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association February 28, 2022 , 7PM via zoom

Minutes of the Meeting
Jack Moynihan called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Special guests in attendance were
Wade Rubenstein and Patty Grasso the Bike Connectors.
On a motion by Steve Greene and seconded by Chris Offerman, the minutes of the January 24
meeting were unanimously approved.
Treasurer Greene reported that our bank balance remained steady with $1233.29.
Captain Cullen from Lowell Police Department reported a small number of crimes in DTL:
aggravated assault (3); Burglary and Shoplifting (1 each); Vandalism (1). He reported that a
series of arrests had been made. A few questions came up about the recent vehicular accident
at the corner of Prescott and Kearney Sq where a car crashed into a storefront window. Also, a
query about a shooting incident close to DTL at Dutton and Broadway was raised. Captain
Cullen advised that these matters are under investigation with no comment at this time.
Wade Rubenstein and Patty Grasso spoke about the history and evolution of Bike Connectors
(https://www.bikeconnector.org/), an organization that locates, repairs, refurbishes and
distributes bicycles to residents who need and can enjoy the multiple benefits of healthy,
affordable transportation. Over the past two years, Bike Connectors has expanded its space
and reach into the community. Previously located at 27 Prescott St thanks to the assistance of
UTEC, Bike Connectors now call the 6,000 sq ft old Lowell Makes at 48 Lee St. home. They have
ramped up activity with 65 bikes distributed in February alone. Patty described the facility as a
bike shop for people who don’t have money for today’s pricy market. Wade and Patty related
that providing bikes gets kids and even adults to school and jobs on time, reduces absenteeism,
provides affordable transportation to a job or appointment etc.
As Bike Connectors has grown, the organization works directly with schools and provides after
school training programs. The Connectors are actively recruiting volunteers and expanding
fundraising with the goal of distributing 600 bikes in 2022. LDNA member Craig Himmelberger,
a principal volunteer at BC, emphasized the need for volunteers, fundraising and expanded
outreach, and he encouraged members to visit the workshop and get involved.
District Councilor Wayne Jenness spoke next regarding the search process for a new city
manager. He reports that the City Council will interview candidates and expressed the desire
for a comprehensive, open process. Various members raised concerns about the search: some
expressed concern that the process has lacked sufficient public input, was being rushed, and
would benefit from professional assistance with the process.​
Finally, Councilor Jenness announced that the city was setting up a Pothole Hotline for drivers
and pedestrians navigating the early spring roadways. And, regarding an iconic restaurant’s
reopening in a new location, the Councilor informed us that Gormley’s grand opening was
scheduled for March 1 at 4pm at 343 Market Street.
With no other business, the motion to adjourn by Bob Casey and seconded by Mindy Dopler
was unanimously voted at 8:23 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Robert Casey, Secretary

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