LDNA Agenda and meeting notes – October 25, 2021 ZOOM Meeting

Jack Moynihan, Carolyn Alphen and Stephen Greene present

  1. There was no approval of minutes. June, August and September have not been posted on the
    LDNA website, voting has been deferred
  2. Treasurer’s Report $1,233.29 No pending deposits
  3. Police Report
    Captain Cullen provided the crime report for the previous month. There was no handout to
    attach. There had been a fight with criminal charges. Several burglaries including a break in to
    a mail room, a car break into an unlocked car, 6 vandalisms (broken doors, windows and a car
    window), 2 disorderly conducts.
    During the Q&A, question if there had been gang activity in some of the incidents? No, but in
    the fights, the people were known to each other. The mail room break was in Canal Place 1
    were the criminal broke the lockbox for the delivery drivers and used to fob to gain access.
    This happened in the early hours. The fob was deactivated.
  4. Howard Amidon from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation will discuss Mosaic Lowell
    Howard Amidon from the Greater Lowell Community was joined by Allison Lamey from the
    Lowell Plan to talk about Mosaic, Lowell’s Art and Cultural Economy Plan. Work on the plan
    started in the Fall of 2019. Among the objectives of the plan is to build equity around the City
    and get arts and culture included in long range planning. They had a recent presentation at Lala
    Bookstore on 10/26. Another objective is to bring more people to the City.
    The Barr Foundation is involved. A web site is being developed.
    More information on Mosaic can be found at
    General discussion – the plan covers the whole City.
    Folks wanted to see use made of vacant store fronts, opera, dancing at St. Jean Baptiste, a
    walkway to Western Ave. People wanted better sharing and notification of events and activities.
    While there is information on Face Book and through COOL, there is a need for better overall
    coverage. The Sun has not been a good source of activity information for a number of years.
    “Howl” is missed. Need to engage UML. Someone mentioned that a good example of getting
    cultural and event information out was the Boston Phoenix. Why not a quarterly magazine? A
    pull out for the Sun.
    Chat comments included appreciation for the 2 large wall murals and call for more, a call to
    reinstall the Public Art – Human Construction. Abandoned storefront windows were once
    decorated by LHS art projects. Walkable connection between downtown and Western Avenue –
    better walkways to neighborhoods from downtown. Would love to see more community events
    like “drive in” movie nights. Would love to see more events focused along the Canalways.
    Would love to have dedicated comedy and music venues – we really need that now more than
    ever. Sounds like the walkways could be a cultural “freedom trail”​
  5. State Rep.Vanna Howard will give an update on the “Adopt a Street” plan
    Representative Vanna Howard talked about the Adopt a Street Program for downtown that she
    and Jack Moynahan have organized. Currently there are 15 volunteers covering downtown
    streets and parks. Trash grabber tools are kept at the Roy Garage. The pails disappeared but
    volunteers are using trash bags. Trash grabbers can be found at Costco.
  6. General Information and Discussion
    Planning and Development were not available for this meeting but will be invited to update us
    at our next meeting.
    Pamela Wamala shared that there would be a Holliday show at the All Gallery.
    If you don’t get an email notification for LDNA Meetings (typically the 4 th Monday of the
    month) send a request message to board@ldna01852.org . Next LDNA meeting is Monday,
    11/22, 7 PM
    The problem with lights at the new Hamilton Canal Garage continues. External lights shine
    into some Canal Place 3 units and internal garage lights do not have the motion sensor dimmers
    that were supposed to be installed. Because of proximity to CP3, lighting is a sensitive issue
    which was negotiated with the neighborhood. It is time to get the Parking Director back for an
    LDNA meeting to address when these problems will be addressed/
    Wayne Jenness reminder attendees that he was a District candidate for City Council, that early
    voting had started at the Senior Center and Election Day was Tuesday, November 2 nd .
  7. Adjourn
    8 PM
    Draft notes prepared by Stephen Greene

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