April 2017 Minutes

LDNA 04/24/17 


Jack Moynihan

Carolyn Alphen

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto

Meeting Starts 07:05


Treasurer’s Report 



Police Report

Sgt. Prescott

Aggravated assaults are domestic, as is typical.


Assistant City Manager, Mike McGovern

Lowell High School:

Currently working on feasibility studies, since August. City needed to find 16 acres, including six acres of parking. There are four remaining options: Full Renovation, Addition/Renovation 1 & 2, New site @ Cawley

New presentation on findings to the City Council on June 6, Special meeting on June 8; aiming for a forum on June 10.

Timetable: 6 years full renovation. 3 years, new school. 4, ~4.5 yrs for the renovation/builds.

Tax increases are estimated to be ≈ 7%.


General Information / Announcements

Continued work on garage spaces


Meeting Adjourned 

8:25 PM


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