February 2017 Minutes

Meeting Opens 7:03 PM




Jack Moynihan – Co-chair

Carolyn Alphen – Co-chair

Corey Sciuto – Secretary


Treasurer’s Report



Police Report, Lt. Crawford


Quieter month than last, with the holidays being over. Car breaks continue; three disorderlies this month due to three different bars refusing entry to drunk people who caused trouble.


Officer Hanson, Canine officer. ‘Bossy’ the German Shepherd


Bossy is used for patrol, narcotics, etc. <Training demo>


Andy Jacobson, Board President of Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)

COOL has new offices outside of City Hall and has opened up a shop at 122 Merrimack Street: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CultureIsCool/about. Arts and Maker Fest September 16-17: https://www.facebook.com/LowellArtMakerFest





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