November 2016 Minutes

LDNA Meeting, November 28, 2016



Jack Moynihan, Co-Chair

Carolyn Alphen, Co-Chair

Stephen Greene, Vice President

Corey Sciuto, Secretary

Police Report (Lt. Crawford):

Car break suspect has been caught

Interested in creative solutions on how to reduce backup downtown of people waiting on Ubers when the bars close.

Talk about lighting issues in the Canal Place parking lots.

Gates aren’t always closed by Trio.

Discussion around home access issues during events – Councilor Samaras looking to make a motion to address this.

Bridges closing:

Discussion about licensing commission meetings.

Lowell High School Project

Presentation by Skanska and Perkins Eastman

Please direct questions to the City Manager’s Office

Next community presentation at LHS Auditorium on Thursday, December 8 2016 at 6:30PM

Website on the project should be available in March.

Motion to Accept Minutes

Corey made, Stephen seconds

Treasurer’s Report

$367.29 + donations from today

No meeting till January 23rd!

Motion to adjourn

Carolyn moves; Stephen seconds 8:44PM



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