May Meeting Minutes

LDNA 5/23/16


Jack Moynihan

Carolyn Alphen

Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto


Start: 7:02


Approval of March Minutes:

Moved by Carolyn; Second by Jack


Treasurer’s Report:

$287.29 + $40 deposits


Police Report:

Captain Richardson


Discussed recent incidents downtown. Largely typical bar stuff.


Report graffiti to Mike Demaras at Neighborhood Services or via e-gov


Councilor John Leahy, Public Safety Chair:


Increases to staff on Police Department and Fire Department. City Manager and the Police Chief are in Washington, D.C. today receiving a reward for Community Policing.


Paul A: How is the Hamilton Canal District work coming?


  1. Leahy: Contractors are being picked; hopefully the courthouse and the planned buildings start soon.


Stephen G: Will we get sidewalk repairs done before Folk Festival?


  1. Leahy: We would like to.


Jack M: Can we do anything about traffic light enforcement? Can we get cameras?


  1. Leahy: We haven’t discussed that in particular. We’ve talked about cameras in general.


Sam L: The downtown lights have cameras in them. Can’t we just use those?


  1. Leahy: We are continually looking into this sort of thing.


Sam L: What does the city offer for teens to do in the summer?


  1. Leahy: They can help work with the Parks Department.


(Councilor Bill Samaras enters; discussion on the panhandling and loitering laws)


Reminder to contact Nick Navin, Parking and Garages Dept. with any questions:


DIY Lowell:


Visit to submit ideas. Summit looks like it will be July 14.


First Thursdays: now through September.


Sam L: Can we make it legal to get to Western Avenue Studios from Dutton Street?


  1. Samaras: It would cost $2M to build a pedestrian bridge over that.


Adjournment: 8:32 PM


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