April 2014 Meeting

Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association – 04/28/14



Susan Purdy – Co-President

Jack Moynihan – Co-President

Stephen Greene – Vice President

Carolyn Mooney – Treasurer

Corey Sciuto – Secretary


Start Time 7:07


Accept March Meeting Minutes

Motion by Jack

Second – Susan


Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

$162.29. Account will be opened this week. Enterprise Bank.


SGT Michael Giuffrida – Sector A

Discuss Compstat reports 3/26-4/27


George D – Smash-and-grabs seem down?

  • Typical for year-over-year.


Eric Eby – Traffic Engineer, Two-Way Street restoration

  • Begins in June, switch over in August.
  • Idea began with Jeff Speck plan in 2010 http://www.lowellplan.org/sites/default/files/forms/EvolPlanVolume2/EvolutionPlanLowResV2.pdf. Current consultants who did much more thorough analysis say that Merrimack St can also be made two-way.
  • No American city that has gone to two-way flow has ever changed back.
  • Mostly signal work.
  • Darryl H – Concerns about double-parking on Shattuck
  • Streets are too narrow for bike lanes
  • Middle lane of Roy (Market) garage will switch morning/night for in/out traffic.
  • Losing a dozen parking spaces total.
  • (Questions about specific intersections, walk signal timing, etc)
  • Eric to get us the presentation.

Eda Matchak

City Census – Important, there are extra forms if you’ve missed yours. Contact Eda.

There are applications for absentee ballots if they know they will not be in Lowell or able to reach the poll ahead of time (the Saturday before the election).

Legislation is 3rd Reading in the House right now to reform voting laws:

  • Currently, you MUST register at least 20 days ahead of time to vote in Lowell
  • Discussion about the Vote 17 Home Rule initiative, which would become possible if this bill passes.
  • Online Voter Registration.
  • Absentee Ballots for any reason.

Ward 2 Polling Location issues – how is the Tsongas Center?

  • Masonic is out – ramp is not accessible.
  • LTC? Might be too small for three precincts
  • Hellenic Academy? Trying to get out of schools
  • Downstairs of Library? Might also be too small for three precincts.
  • ICC? No – alcohol service makes them not legal
  • MCC Library? Interesting…
  • Auditorium
  • Where can the bus get to? Doesn’t go to Tsongas.
  • We could split the precincts up.
  • Space across from the Brush.

Supt. Taylor

  • Refocusing on Community Policing
  • Evidence-based with sector-assigned crime analysis.
  • Emphasis on non-vehicular patrols.
  • New sector/district maps, more police downtown.
  • Changes to prisoner management and transportation
  • Five new patrol officers overall.
  • 8.7% decrease y/o/y Compstat crimes Dec-Feb. Looking like 15% now.
  • Segway police are going to do some patrols for crosswalks and jaywalking.
  • There were criminal complaints about the manager at Finn’s Pub. There are two complaints about them currently, but this one is very serious. The License Commission meeting will be on the 8th of this month.

Reminder: No May Meeting.

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