About LDNA

The Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association is a group of residents and business owners who have been working together on issues important to our neighborhood.

 We meet at 7PM at LTC (Lowell Telecommunications Corporation), 246 Market St. Dates are posted here, although typically they are the fourth Monday of the month.

 It is our intent to generate discussion and interest in the ideas to make downtown an even better place to live, work and play.

For general inquiries email contact@ldna01852.org

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  1. Hello,

    is there a schedule of dates for the upcoming LDNA meetings? I couldn’t find the dates on the “about” page of the blog. Thanks,


  2. Will you have any meeting/communications concerning the Lowell parking garage rate confusions/increases? The senior resident (62+ years) rate is
    still a secret for many who park in the Lowell garages. The $26/month is not yet posted in the garages for all to see, 24/7. This rate may soon be raised.
    G. Lee, Downtown Lowell

    • Hi Gloria,

      Sorry for the lack of reply to your post. I had somehow missed these questions. While the parking rate issue isn’t on the agenda for Monday night, it will certainly be brought up with Mayor Samaras. Additionally I know our Vice President, Stephen Greene, has had some additional conversations with parking director Nick Navin about our concerns and so he may have an update.

      Sam Litvin

  3. Gloria Lee, Lowell

    Sam Litvin, Thank you for your reply on Jan. 20 regarding the garage rates. A 1-page information flyer has been displayed in some garage offices recently, but it is taped to the office desk only. A copy of this flyer is not yet available for us. I have requested that the City Council let us have copies to distribute to other residents. They are discussing this request. They are also considering sending the flyer to all downtown residents with the census forms that we will receive from Lowell this month. Thanks for your efforts, Gloria Lee

  4. As of today, April 12, 2018, the Lowell Garage-Rates Flyer that was prepared by the city has still not been released/distributed to residents. I have requested this distribution many times, but we are still waiting for copies from Lowell. What more can we do to inform residents of the city garage rates? Thanks for your efforts, Gloria Lee, Lowell.

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