January 2019 Minutes

LDNA 1/28/19



Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan  (arrived 7:41)

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:04.

Opening greeting

Police Report

               Deputy Sup. Barry Golner

  • City now has 3 sectors
  • Up to 10 walking routes downtown
  • New ATV coming to downtown

Capt. Kennedy – New ‘A’ Sector Commander

  • Relatively light crime this period.


  • Smokehouse comes up a lot.  Is it a problem establishment?
    • It attracts a tough demographic, but things have been quieter the last year or so.
    • A lot of the problem is the crowds that congregate when bars close.  Working on a solution for the Uber/Lyft pick-up issue.
  • How much of the car vandalism happens in city garages?
    • Very little.  It was a much bigger problem years ago, but not lately.
  • What’s the status of legal tools to deal with Homeless issues?
    • District Court under Judge Fords has established a special “mental health court” where people with emotional/medical issues can be diverted for assistance to stop the revolving door of chronic petty offences.  Modeled after successful program in Cambridge.
    • City has 11 homeless encampments, and as many as 40 during warmer weather.
    • Sheriff’s office is working on a pilot program to offer more programming and services.

Discussion of pedestrian safety in Downtown Lowell

  • Dutton & Market intersection is a bad spot for pedestrians.  Many people are afraid to cross the street and have nearly been hit.  Only actual accidents are reported – not near misses!
    • Traffic engineer is now looking at reverting back to dedicated pedestrian cycle.
  • Line striping needs good weather.  Various funding sources for painting and signs, etc.
  • In the winter the lack of shoveling is a real problem on sidewalks.
  • Bicycles on sidewalks downtown are an issue.
    • Traffic engineer is working on improving bike lanes throughout city.

Approval of minutes

Approval of Oct and Nov 2018 minutes:  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

               $705.20 balance in account.  We donated $100 to Kerouac park.

               Time for LDNA Dues.  Suggested donation is $10.

Annual election of LDNA officers

               Slate of Jack, Carolyn and Sam are reelected by unanimous vote.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:19.

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