November 2018 Minutes

LDNA 11/26/18



Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:02.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Approval of Oct minutes postponed.

Police Report

               Capt. Sullivan – A Sector Commander

  • Parade went well this year as compared to last year.
  • Uptick in motor vehicle vandalism and break-ins.
    • Most of the trouble was at the very end of October beginning of November.  Police took notice and weeks since have been better.
    • Car breaks occur both on the street and in the garages.
    • Most garages have cameras – most are working.  Will check on the status of Roy garage cameras
  • Agg Assauts were mostly domestic; one was between acquainted parties on Market Street.
    • Mid-day assault in bell park turned into armed robbery due to stolen phone; remains unsolved.  May be related to incident in Belvidere.


  • Area behind lower locks is being used by drug users and as a latrine.

Special Joint Meeting with Lowell City Council Neighborhoods Subcommittee

Treasurer’s Report

               $800.29 balance in account.

Meeting Adjourns.

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