February Meeting Minutes

LDNA Meeting 02/24


Stephen Greene

Corey Sciuto


New board:

Carolyn Mooney

Jack Moynahan

Susan Purdy


18 residents and guests.


Started at 7:00


Elections: Passed unanimously

October meeting minutes accepted.


Corey Secretary’s report:


Twitter: @ldna01852

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LDNA.LowellMA

Email: contact@ldna01852.org

Action: Corey to get Code Red URL and re-broadcast: http://www.lowellma.gov/citymanager/neighborhood/Pages/General/City-Notifications.aspx


Supt. Taylor mentions there is also a Smartphone app.

When do snow bans end? The LPD will call it – there are two hours to move your car out of the garage.


Carolyn treasurer’s report

We need to leave Mill42 Credit Union because they are not on with Commercial Accounts anymore. Enterprise Bank is our new banker.

Membership vote to go back to $10 to help cover the cost of LTC and the web hosting. People who are over 70 or under 18, membership is $1.

Unanimous to bring dues back up to $10.


Sam suggests that we go to the Condo Associations for money.

7:26 New Police Superintendent Bill Taylor.

Heavy focus on Community Policing. We have fewer officers than we had in the 1990s because there isn’t the same amount of state and federal grant funding.

Four sectors with six officers assigned to each sector – foot and bike patrols.

Two crime analysts working with two sector’s officers apiece.

Two additional officers will be downtown on Segways on each shift.

Gang members today are older than they used to be. They have long records and involved in the drug trade. Organizations such as UTEC are not effective against these older people. LPD needs to focus more heavily on bringing down narcotics organizations.

Drug trafficking in Marijuana is 50 lbs, and each lb is worth $3k today.

LPD Phone Number: (978) 937-3200


Residents discussed the Market St garage issues again.


8:08 done.


Old Business

Interest in committees? (Elaine Wood, elections)


New Business

Interest in committees?


Announcements from Susan.




Councilor Corey Belanger speaks

Two-way traffic, better ADA crosswalks, etc. This summer.

Tuesday March 18 5:30 Citywide parking ordinance.


Meeting ends 8:30

2 Responses to February Meeting Minutes

  1. Darryl Harbarger

    Hi LDNA,
    I am sorry I could not make it last night, I had every intentions on attending, but I got ill yesterday afternoon which prevented me from attending. I am looking at the minutes and I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but only see a brief statements. Also, I am in a wheelchair and disabled am I to pay $10.00 too, just want clarification? When are the dues up?
    I saw Susan Purdy on the bus yesterday morning and had a brief discussion on somethings. Could someone please get back to me regarding this.
    Thank You,
    Darryl Harbarger

    • Hi Darryl,

      Yes the minutes are brief so you are seeing the right thing.

      Dues are up this month. We did discuss the fact the dues were rolled back to $5 because any amount is a hardship for people. People who are disabled were specifically mentioned and we agreed that nobody should be excluded from membership because of inability to pay, but we did not vote to change the bylaws. We had never actually officially rolled back to $5. Perhaps an official motion could be made to add wording for disabled and/or hardship exemptions to the bylaws?


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