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February 2017 Minutes

Meeting Opens 7:03 PM




Jack Moynihan – Co-chair

Carolyn Alphen – Co-chair

Corey Sciuto – Secretary


Treasurer’s Report



Police Report, Lt. Crawford


Quieter month than last, with the holidays being over. Car breaks continue; three disorderlies this month due to three different bars refusing entry to drunk people who caused trouble.


Officer Hanson, Canine officer. ‘Bossy’ the German Shepherd


Bossy is used for patrol, narcotics, etc. <Training demo>


Andy Jacobson, Board President of Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)

COOL has new offices outside of City Hall and has opened up a shop at 122 Merrimack Street: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CultureIsCool/about. Arts and Maker Fest September 16-17: https://www.facebook.com/LowellArtMakerFest





January 2017 Minutes

January 23rd, 2017 7 PM, LTC



Carolyn Alphen, Co-Chair

Jack Moynihan, Co-Chair

Stephen Greene, VP/Treasurer

Corey Sciuto Secretary


Begin Meeting

Stephen moves; Corey seconds


Annual Re-Elections

All officers re-elected


Treasurer’s Report


Police Report, Lt. Crawford

Higher-than-normal crime this month, related both to increased activity due to Christmas and New Years, including higher police presence. An individual who committed many of the elevated rate of car breaks was arrested this month as well. Discussions around improved lighting, vagrancy, etc.


Neighborhood Services Subcommittee is present


Supt. Bill Tailor, LPD

3rd consecutive year with double-digit reduction in crime. Includes 15-18% reduction in shots fired.


Maryann Ballotta, Director of Research and Development, LPD

Application for grant for downtown neighborhood (potentially $1M over three years, includes mandatory nine-month planning period, being submitted soon with grant beginning early 2018). Maryann has reached out to and is working with Jack Moynihan. Potential goals include increased lighting, addressing panhandling (change program). Self-watering flower pots. Partnership with Lowell Transitional Living Center to help them better serve their population downtown. Increased lighting in Kerouac Park as it’s a known crime hot-spot. Potentially coordinating with Mill City Grows to open a community garden downtown.


Council expresses interest particularly in working more closely with Lowell Transitional Living Center, especially around keeping their clients occupied with programming during the day.


City Manager Kevin Murphy

We have 252 police officers, highest count since the Clinton era. Most uniformed firefighters in two decades. $4.5M under net school spending at the beginning of Murphy’s tenure; $9.5M over currently. 90% ground-floor occupation level citywide.


Kathleen Marcin asks for highest and best use study re: Lowell High School.


  • City will provide LDNA with highest and best use study.


Wayne Jenness asks what will happen to the courthouses when the new one opens.


  • They’ll be sold on the private market.


Discussion around art gallery shuttles


David Ouellette, Inspectional Services


Over 100 food establishments downtown. About 10 closed food establishments.


Nick Navin, Parking Dept


Lower Locks garage repair work is done, Market St is nearly done.


The closing of Market St during City of Lights blocking the garage was in error.


Surface Parking Lot next to Canal Place III will not be built until they end up developing Hamilton Canal District 2 and 4, which are currently surface lots.


Call the Parking Dept. if your car was damaged during the garage repair process.


Discussion around 1 East Merrimack St and Parking. They can’t fit that many cars in the Davidson St lot unless a garage is built there.


Overall, there is interest increasing the number of parking spaces downtown.


Motion to ajourn

Carolyn moves, Stephen Greene seconds.

November 2016 Minutes

LDNA Meeting, November 28, 2016



Jack Moynihan, Co-Chair

Carolyn Alphen, Co-Chair

Stephen Greene, Vice President

Corey Sciuto, Secretary

Police Report (Lt. Crawford):

Car break suspect has been caught

Interested in creative solutions on how to reduce backup downtown of people waiting on Ubers when the bars close.

Talk about lighting issues in the Canal Place parking lots.

Gates aren’t always closed by Trio.

Discussion around home access issues during events – Councilor Samaras looking to make a motion to address this.

Bridges closing: http://www.lowellbridges.com/

Discussion about licensing commission meetings.

Lowell High School Project

Presentation by Skanska and Perkins Eastman

Please direct questions to the City Manager’s Office

Next community presentation at LHS Auditorium on Thursday, December 8 2016 at 6:30PM

Website on the project should be available in March.

Motion to Accept Minutes

Corey made, Stephen seconds

Treasurer’s Report

$367.29 + donations from today

No meeting till January 23rd!

Motion to adjourn

Carolyn moves; Stephen seconds 8:44PM



October 2016 Minutes; November Agenda

October Minutes

LDNA – October 17, 2016 7:00 PM


Jack Moynihan, Co-Chair

Carolyn Alphen, Co-Chair

Corey Sciuto,  Secretary

Motion to approve minutes:

Jack puts forward, Carolyn seconds

Treasurer’s Report:


Allison Lamey, Director of Economic Development:

Commercial Vacancy on Ground Floor @ 6%

Craig questions where this number came from.

Allison points out that many of these ground floor spots have become offices, which are not ideal for generating foot traffic. City is looking into changing regulations s.t. more ‘interactive’ businesses open.

<< Discussions around subsidized housing, parking, higher floor occupancy, new businesses, etc… >>

Motion to Adjourn

Corey moves, Carolyn seconds.

November Agenda

Novenber 28, 2016

1. Opening greeting

2. Approval of minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Police Report

5. Lowell High School Project Presentation by LHS Project Consultants

6. Introduction of Gabby Davis from “Made in Lowell” organization

7. General Information

8. Adjourn

October 2016 Agenda / September 2016 Minutes

NOTE: There is a date change this month!

LDNA Agenda – October 17, 2016

1. Opening greeting

2. Approval of minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Police Report

5. Introduction of Economic Development Director Allison Lamey for brief remarks and questions and answers.

6. Discussion of plans for Bridge Street Bridge lighting

7. General Information

8. Adjourn


September Minutes

September 26, 2016, 7 PM



Jack Moynihan – President

Corey Sciuto – Secretary


Meeting called to order at 7:04


Motion to approve Minutes – Jack

Seconded – Corey


Sgt. Nobrega – LPD

Crime report had a few break-ins this month; all businesses. Violent crimes this month were either alcohol-related or domestics.


Bill Garr and Barbera Dunsford of Lowell House, Craig Thomas of CBA

Slideshow and video presentation about new building on Upper Merrimack St for long-term recovery patients.


Councilor Samaras

Interested in feedback in lighting regulations downtown. Looking to make a motion to better light the canal walkways.



October Meeting is on the 3rd and not the 4th Monday next week. LTC will be used for Early Voting.


Jack – Motion to Adjourn

Corey seconds.


Close 8:07