April 2019 Minutes

LDNA 4/22/19



Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin

Meeting called to order at: 7:02.

Opening greeting

Approval of minutes

Approval of Feb and Mar 2019 minutes:  Motion made and seconded; approved.

Treasurer’s Report

               $890.29 balance in account.  Suggested donation of $10 is welcome.

Police Report

Chief Richardson:  Made a commitment to downtown; including higher visibility presence downtown.  TD Bank area is going to be redone with new benches designated for the residents nearby.

Q:  What’s up with story in the Sun about LPD officers who mis-behaved?

A:  It happened before I was chief, and I wasn’t aware of all the details when the officer in question was promoted.  Another officer involved was not promoted.

O:  Now that pot is legal, the isn’t the street pot cheaper?

A:  Yes, its becoming an issue, but we’re really focused on the fentanyl issue at the moment.

Q:  What about establishing a neighborhood watch program?

A:  Maybe down the road.  There are issues. 

Capt. Kennedy (Charlie Sector commander)

  • 4 Agg assaults.
    • 6:15 am at the shelter; arrest made.
    • 1pm at Lowell District Court; parties were known to each other; 3 arrested.
    • LHS students in a disagreement; 1 arrest made
    • Blue Shamrock; person claims they were beaten with a bat; but no witnesses.
  • 1 Burglary at Dunkin Donuts involving a scam.
  • 5 car breaks
    • 1 may have been a domestic incident.
    • 2 vehicles were left unlocked and contents were stolen.
    • 1 vehicle has windows smashed near shelter; possibly drug-seeking individual.
  • 5 disorderly
    • 1 involved a social media app.
    • 1 involved bar closing at Last Safe and Deposit
  • 2 shoplifting incidents
    • 1 was perpetrated by a shelter resident;  The resident returned the property and the store declined to press charges.
    • 1 involved stolen baby formula from CVS; most likely to be sold for drugs.

Q:  I called in a couple of disorderly issues, and police responded but why didn’t they make the list?

A:  The two issues involved emotionally disturbed people who ended up going to the hospital for medical treatment.  So those incidents don’t tend to show up on the crime report.  Police try to be compassionate and find help for people that have real issues.  It’s a real problem that there’s little to no support for these people and its left to the LPD and the ER.

Contact at tkennedy@lowellma.gov.

Management representatives from Coffee and Cotton and The Farm Market will give a brief update on upcoming events and offerings at Mill No. 5.  (Addie, GM of Coffee and Cotton; Mariah, farm Market Manager)


Rogers Muyanja of the International Institute will give an overview of the organization’s work in Lowell, as well as speak of the upcoming 100 year anniversary observation.

  • Asylum vs refugee
  • Founded in Lowell in 1918.
  • (See attached slides)

Q:  Is there a particular group that accounts for a lot of clients?

A:  A lot of people from Afganistan and Iraq who have helped the US, are currently clients.  But the overall numbers are very low under this administration.

Q:  Do you work with Rotary clubs and other similar groups?

A:  Yes, developing these relationships is critical.  The current climate and rhetoric makes outreach especially important these days.

General Information

  • 5/8 Meeting at Rogers School to discuss possible changes to intersection at end of Lowell Connector.
  • City will talk to TD Bank about possible improvements to the area around the Drive-through at Market & Central Street.
  • LDNA will donate $100 to the Points of Light Festival.
  • No LDNA meeting in May.  Next meeting is 6/24/2019

Q:  Can we get notice of when the canals will be drained?

A:  We will follow up with city.

Q:  Can we get an update on the central Street bridge replacement?

A:  We will ask the city to come back.

Q:  Can we get update on green bike program.

A:  Yes

Meeting Adjourns at 8:45.

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