September 2018 Minutes

LDNA 9/24/18




Carolyn Alphen

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:03.


Opening greeting


Approval of minutes

Approval of June minutes; Motion made and 2nd from floor; approved.


Police Report

Capt. Barry Golner – A Sector Commander

  • 5 Agg assaults; all resulted in arrests or court summons for perpetrator.
  • 4 car breaks; all involved unlocked vehicles – LOCK YOUR CARS!
  • 8 Disorderlies – many involved fights involving LHS students.


  • Issue of homeless sleeping in doorways seems to be increasing.
    • LPD works with shelter, hospital, etc. to try to direct people to services.
    • New Mental Health Court as well as special drug court has been created to help.
  • Crime is way down, but calls for service is way up. Mostly “social” issues that police are called on as the only available 24/7 agency.
    • Cuts to social service agencies need to be reversed so services are available.
  • Should we be worried about shooting right on Merrimack Street in early evening?
    • It was an isolated incident. The two parties new each other and had a dispute.  Suspect surrendered to police within 24hrs.
  • Is organized crime a problem in the city?
    • Not like it used to be. Mainly involves various ethnic groups, e.g., gambling rings, etc.


Treasurer’s Report

$775.00 balance, according to interim treasurer Carolyn.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Special Guest:  Lowell Police Superintendent Raymond “Kelly” Richardson

The Superintendent introduced himself and spoke briefly during the earlier police presentation.


Special Guest:  Claire Ricker of Lowell DPD

  • Chief design planner and senior planner for Hamilton canal district master plan area
  • 13 acre site.
  • Winn Companies has a signed agreement to develop parcels 8 &9.
    • Rental “workforce” Housing (20/80/20 income mix)
    • Air bridge between 2 buildings will have additional housing units.
    • MEPA process dictates environmental standards
  • Justice Center with 7 courts and registry of deeds will open in January 2020.
  • New parking garage has some innovative and exciting exterior design features.
    • 930 parking spaces
    • It will have electric charging stations and bike storage.
    • Pedestrian access to adjacent canal is anticipated.
    • Construction will begin in spring of 2019.
  • City website has a tab with links to info on all construction projects.
  • Lord Overpass is at 100% design. 3 year construction with opening in 2022.
    • Construction will overlap with Central Street bridge project for about 1yr.


  • Natasha is new transportation engineer.
  • Toby Marks is new parking director.



  • LDNA logo is on storage container at Kerouac Park following donation.
  • Future guests?
    • Bring in another update on bridge closings as it gets closer to the time.
    • Fire Dept.
    • New business owners. Maybe get update on Market St. Hotel.
    • Ask for representative from license commission to com speak to us.
    • Steve Stowell form Historic Commission.


Meeting Adjourns at 8:28.

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