June 2018 Minutes

LDNA 6/25/18




Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:03.


Opening greeting


Approval of minutes

Approval of March and April minutes; Motion by Carolyn, 2nd by Jack.


Police Report

Sgt. Jose Ramirez – A Sector patrol supervisor on early night shift

  • Agg assault on 30 Middlesx St: knife incident arrest made.
  • Agg assault on Central St – arrests made.
  • Other Burglaries and robberies still under investigation.


  • Situation at TD Bank is worst in memory.
    • Extra officer is on foot patrol in area.
  • Need to update email links on website.
  • Not much interest when people come to front desk to report issues
    • Better to go directly to criminal investigation division or other units.
    • LDNA board can forward comments to Sgt Ramirez directly.
  • Does LPD have jurisdiction between new Courthouse and walking path. More incidents of drinking near Jackson St end near bridge.
    • Yes, shared with LNHP. Will look into it.


Treasurer’s Report

$775.00 balance, according to interim treasurer Carolyn.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Special Guest:  City Manager Eileen Donoghue

  • Honored to be here; one of the best cities in the country. Over 20 years representing the city, but Manager job is a new perspective.
  • New budget: Met with all Dept. heads, made $1M in cuts from preliminary draft.
  • Public hearing on choosing new Police Chief. Residents’ comments are welcome.
  • In process of implementing new cannabis laws. Takes effect July 1st.  Possible dispensary locations are all on outskirts of city; none are downtown.  Required to have minimum of 5 licensees (based on qty of package store licenses.)
  • Talked to Chief Taylor and acting chief Webb and Deputy Richardson about increased police visibility downtown.
  • Also working with Planning dept. and DPW about improving conditions downtown. Flowers are back – makes a real difference downtown.  Kids summer jobs will water the flowers.
  • If police or other departments aren’t responsive then call manager’s office directly.


  • When is construction allowed?
    • 7am – 6pm, except by special permit.
  • Why is the parking garages being made to pay for themselves when trash is subsidized and yet downtown residents don’t benefit at all.
    • Good point. Trash & recycling contracts expire in Dec.
    • Recycling is no longer free for the city; and city-wide recycling participation isn’t great.
  • Condo associations were locked into buying spaces and have no recourse when rates rise.
    • That was an arm-length agreement that was entered into by both parties long ago.
  • What can be done to improve Downton lighting (e.g. brightness)
    • Working on it with planning & development.
  • Can we repair broken benches and steps by the train locomotive? Also crumbling plaza and dead trees in front of Roy Garage?
    • Will look into it. Also repairs needed to area on Prescott Street.
  • Adopt an island program needs to be flowed-up on. Many areas not being maintained.
    • Need to review entire program.
  • Vacuum truck makes a big difference. Kudos!


Special Guest:  JoAnn Marcos of the LNHP

  • 32nd year; Folk Fest is last full weekend of July.
  • In charge of volunteers; volunteers are needed!
    • Volunteers are absolutely essential. Only need to commit 4hrs.
    • Many types of volunteers; donation bucket brigade, ice & water delivery; t-shirt sales, recycling, inside and outside jobs.
  • All food vendors are 401c3 organizations raising money for good causes.
    • All the food vendor workers are volunteers.
  • Roads will be blocked again this year.
  • Last year for Dutton Dance Stage location; new location TBD. Maybe by Tsongas.  Suggestions?
  • Park has some summer kids workers who can do cleanups. Tell JoAnn if a park area needs cleaning up.


  • Pavement between Dutton st pavilion and canal place is all broken up and won’t accommodate golf cart traffic.
    • Will look into it
  • Will Roy Garage we accessible?
  • Do you know how many people come to the fest by train?
    • Don’t know
  • Does park own Northern Canal Walkway?
    • It’s open now. But it needs to be closed depending on flow for safety.
    • It will be closed once work starts on the bridge.



  • Upcoming meeting 7/18 at 6:30 at LTC on charter review and elections issues.
  • LDNA to donate $100 to Kerouac park renovation effort. Motion made and 2nd.
  • No July meeting; Next meeting in August.


Meeting Adjourns at 8:27.

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