April 2018 Minutes

LDNA 4/23/18




Carolyn Alphen

Jack Moynihan

Stephen Greene

Sam Litvin


Meeting called to order at: 7:01.


Opening greeting



Approval of minutes

Approval of January and February minutes; Motion by Carolyn, 2nd by Sam.



Police Report

Capt Crowley – Sector ‘A’ Commander.


  • Shooting on Merrimack St involved parties who knew each other.
  • Big uptick in vandalism all over the city including downtown
    • Lee St and Merrimack street numerous broken windows.
    • Various damaged vehicles
  • Aggravated assaults
    • 2 Domestic incident
    • Fight between women involving nail file
  • Burglaries
    • 1 domestic issue
    • 1 incident at courthouse
  • Disorderly incidents
    • Mostly involving bar closings
  • Shoplifting
    • Cosmetic supplies at Rite-Aid
  • Car break-ins
    • Unlocked doors
    • Rolled-down windows
    • Purse left on seat in plain view – window smashed.


LPD received grant to boost staffing during problem times.




Treasurer’s Report

$755.29 balance.  Everyone is invited to make a voluntary $10 membership contribution.


Special Guest:  James Saunders of Lowell Makes

  • Open house every Wednesday 6-9pm
    • “Repair night” once a month for small 1-time projects.
  • Wood shop, electronics, photography, 3d printers, machine shop, fabric crafts, many more things
    • Volunteer organization – can arrange for training with tools.
  • 18+ agree for membership
    • Membership is $49/mo, $35/mo for students.
    • $15 day pass available.
  • Classes and workshops available
  • May 19th Skill Share event (10:00am – 4:00pm)
    • Series of 1hr workshops throughout the day on all sorts of topics
  • 4yrs at current location on Merrimack Street.




Special Guest:  Richard Howe of “Lowell Walks”


  • 4th year of Lowell Walks series
  • Most walks on Saturday morning at 10:00am
    • Most walks last about 90min.
    • Great to come and stay for lunch downtown after the walk.
  • Additional walking events scheduled in collaboration with LNHP


Richard proceeded to describe the walks scheduled for this season.




  • Update on parking
    • Meeting rescheduled
    • Lawyers opposed parking increase.
  • No LDNA meeting in May 2018
  • Point of Light event kicking off Art Week in Lowell
  • Doors Open Lowell coming up
  • New England Pet Expo.
  • New restaurant “The Keep” opening where Ricardo’s was.
    • Tutu Benne closed.
    • Thrift stores moved out of downtown
  • Proposal: Fine vacant storefronts to encourage occupancy and discourage allowing them to become blighted.
    • Mayor Samaras responds that the City is looking at options and various city councilors have motions on related matters pending.
    • Fines should be re-invested in improving downtown storefronts
    • LDNA will follow up in a future meeting.
  • Restaurants with sidewalk seating take up too much of the sidewalk and prevent pedestrian access.
    • City agents are now inspecting every week.
    • Perhaps the sidewalks should be marked as to where the seating is allowed to be.
  • LDNA/ HOA committee introduction
    • Private alleyways need to be maintained and trash removed.
  • Missing trash barrel by Pawtucket Canal at Prescott Street side walkway.
  • Locate recycling bins in garages along with trash bins.
  • Has Hamilton canal construction effected condo process/sales at canal place?
    • Not too bad so far. We know of one sale hat fell through because of planned garage.
    • Worried once garage goes up and blocks light.



Meeting Adjourns at 8:16.

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