Downtown Busk Stops

LDNA members may recall Andy Jacobson sharing information about the Downtown Busk Stop. Now it is reality and HOWL in Lowell has a nice piece about it here.

If you’re a performer interested in busking, contact Andy Jacobson at Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, 978-454-2739 or email:
Businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring Fresh Air Friday can also contact Jacobson. Area artists interested in obtaining space to show their artwork for free can contact Steve Syverson at Van Gogh’s Gear 978-970-2100 or email:

2 Responses to Downtown Busk Stops

  1. Does a performer need to sign up to play at a busk stop? I was surprised to only see two independent musicians take advantage of the crowd from this weekends Folk Festival.

  2. The Busk Stops are closed during the Folk Festival, or are supposed to be…

    But no, you don’t need to sign up normally. You’ll see me out there on Saturdays soon.

    Make art, make life better. Enjoy the spaces!


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